Applause Leads the Way in AR/VR Testing Excellence

Applause has revamped its testing methodology for augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). This involves integrating the Apple Vision Pro into its wide array of testing devices, totaling over 5 million connected devices. Additionally, they have improved their approaches to functionality, usability, and accessibility testing to align with the latest technological advancements.

In the era of rapidly evolving immersive technologies, Applause’s dedication to supporting major innovations like Apple Vision Pro, PlayStation VR and Meta Quest sets it apart. With a robust community of testing professionals equipped with the newest headsets and associated devices, Applause supports companies working at the cutting edge of AR/VR to release applications that meet the highest quality standards.

“Applause continues to build centers of excellence for emerging technologies. Our commitment to crowdtesting the most advanced applications across fields like generative AI and AR/VR showcases our forward-thinking approach. With thousands of devices including Meta Quest, PlayStation VR and Apple Vision Pro at our disposal, we are ready to help our clients navigate the complexities of immersive digital experiences,” said Leanne Orphanos, Senior Vice President, Customer Operations, Applause.

Applause’s AR/VR testing solution covers a comprehensive range of services, from functional and usability testing to accessibility and compatibility assessments, enabling flawless operation and engaging user experiences across devices.

For more information about Applause AR/VR testing capabilities, visit the website here.

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