Coding Dojo Chosen by Microsoft as a Microsoft Azure Training Partner

Coding Dojo, announces it is working with Microsoft to proliferate Microsoft Azure certifications in the workforce. The collaboration will increase the amount of job-ready Azure developers by integrating Microsoft Learn tracks into the Coding Dojo curriculum, as well as offering discounted Azure certification exams to all Coding Dojo students and alumni.

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, more than 11 million people are unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaboration advances the Microsoft skills initiative to help 25 million people acquire the skills needed to meaningfully participate in the digital economy.

With the collaboration, all Coding Dojo students will learn the basics of Azure and deploy projects built during the program on it. Upon graduating, alumni can participate in workshops focusing on three Azure certifications: Azure Fundamentals, Azure AI Fundamentals, and Azure Data Fundamentals. After the workshops, alumni can take each Azure certification exam at 50% off the original prices.

“We are committed to increasing accessibility of technical training and transforming lives through programming literacy,” said Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang. “Collaboration with Microsoft and integrating Microsoft Azure certification into our programs will unlock more career paths for our students, more qualified candidates for companies, and more growth in our communities.”

“Our vision is a connected system of learning that helps empower everyone to pursue lifelong learning,” said Microsoft General Manager of Global Technical Learning Alex Payne. “Coding Dojo is the perfect partner to help us achieve our mission and we look forward to working with them to upskill the global workforce.”

Moving forward, Coding Dojo aims to expand its Azure training options by creating short- and long-form DevOps programs for students and alumni. The organization also plans to incorporate additional Azure certifications into its curriculum and alumni workshops.

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