HeadSpin Launches Self-Serve Mobile Test Automation and Performance Monitoring Product

HeadSpin, the world’s first digital experience AI platform, announced the launch of HeadSpin Compass™, a new self-serve test automation and performance monitoring product that allows mobile development, QA, and reliability teams to test, measure, monitor, and analyze digital experiences. HeadSpin Compass assures optimal digital experiences on real devices around the world without requiring code changes.

The first of its kind on the market, HeadSpin Compass delivers complete visibility into digital experiences through in-depth performance data and continuous monitoring and analysis of custom KPIs such as time to interact, loading time, low page content, blank or frozen screens, and more. The product is unique in the market for its ability to deliver machine learning-based insights and recommendations and its rich app, device, and network performance data for root cause analysis.

HeadSpin has helped customers to achieve impressive results, including 90% reduction in production issues, 30% faster development cycles, 60% faster in-app download times and has allowed developers to spend 68% fewer hours on quality assurance for new releases.

“Organizations are seeing an influx of users on their digital platforms and require an effective pre-launch performance measurement tool to proactively identify and triage experience issues,” said HeadSpin CEO Rajeev Butani. “Only with deep insights from real devices operating in multiple locations around the world can the significantly increased quality of experience users today expect be met. HeadSpin Compass was purposefully built to make it easier for developers to launch mobile products quickly, with the high degree of customizable insights necessary to achieve optimal performance goals with the highest level of precision to deliver best in class user experience.”

Whether an organization is at its early stages, or developing or scaling exponentially, digital user experiences are a priority for every stakeholder, especially as more users continue to connect remotely. HeadSpin Compass ensures mobile product teams are equipped to address the growing needs and demands of users with unique and differentiated capabilities:

  • End-to-end testing and performance monitoring on an ever-expanding pool of real iOS and Android devices, starting with 87 devices in 17 major cities across the globe
  • In-depth performance and Quality of Experience (QoE) analysis that automatically surfaces issues and points to underlying root causes across all layers of the stack
  • Customizable dashboards to provide more insight into the data that matters most to developer and reliability teams

“HeadSpin Compass provides a great platform to test applications and monitor performance on the basis of different user metrics, as well as the capability to capture logs and debug the tests during execution,” said Sumeet Panjabi, Senior QA Automation Engineer, and City Hero for The Test TribeIndia’s Largest Software Testing Community.

HeadSpin Compass offers enterprise-grade capabilities with granular insights and highly customizable KPIs. Features include:

  • Manual and automated mobile testing
  • Real, dedicated, local iOS and Android devices on popular OS versions
  • Global devices in AustraliaIndia, Korea, JapanFranceGermanySouth Africa, UK, Brazil and the US
  • Remote control workbench for device access
  • Actionable and in-depth performance data and insights throughout the digital experience lifecycle (from planning and development to trouble-ticketing and operations)
  • Continuous monitoring of KPIs and performance metrics
  • Support for native Appium, Selenium, and all automation frameworks
  • Parallel testing across devices and locations
  • Team and user management collaboration
  • Flexible integrations to REST APIs, webhooks, and business intelligence (BI) platform
  • Secure, scalable APIs

To learn more or start a free trial, visit https://www.headspin.io/platform/compass/.

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