Nonprofit Customers Will Soon Access SureImpact Via Microsoft Marketplace

SureImpact, a trailblazing software company dedicated to advancing philanthropy, disclosed a remarkable expansion of nearly one-third in the year 2023, successfully navigating challenges prevalent in both the technology and nonprofit domains. This noteworthy achievement underscores SureImpact’s resilience and adaptability in the dynamic landscape it operates in.

The startup’s strategic alliance with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit marks a pivotal milestone, opening doors for global recognition and influence. This collaboration not only reflects the confidence and trust in SureImpact’s capabilities but also positions the company at the forefront of innovative solutions within the nonprofit sector on a worldwide scale. As SureImpact continues to forge ahead, its commitment to making a positive impact in the philanthropic realm is poised to resonate globally, empowered by the strength of this strategic partnership.

As an independent service vendor within Microsoft’s new offering tailored for nonprofits, SureImpact will soon feature in the app marketplace for nonprofit cloud customers. This collaboration, described by SureImpact’s founder and CEO Sheri Chaney Jones as a “channel partnership,” will enable global sales of their impactful software.

“This partnership with Microsoft marks a significant milestone in our journey. It allows us to extend our reach globally and helps nonprofits around the world to optimize their impact through data-driven decisions,” said Jones.

SureImpact’s software has already been adopted by 439 organizations, collectively serving over 200,000 clients. By leveraging data, these organizations can enhance their effectiveness, ensuring that donor funds and taxpayer dollars are allocated to the most impactful programs.

The company reported a 31% increase in subscription revenue on an annualized basis in 2023, signaling robust growth despite economic challenges. “We are thrilled with this steady growth, especially considering the tough environment for tech startups,” Jones added.

Conserving capital from a $2 million seed round led by Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures, SureImpact is strategically heading towards profitability. The investment has facilitated the transition from contract to full-time software engineers, fostering a strong company culture.

The partnership between SureImpact and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit marks a significant step in SureImpact’s growth and the nonprofit sector’s technological advancement. It represents an important milestone in using technology to drive efficiency and impact in philanthropy.

For more information about SureImpact and the strategic partnership with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit visit the website here.

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