2024 Block Data Storage Buyer’s Guide to Navigate Storage Landscape

Authored by experienced data storage professional Marc Staimer in collaboration with StorPool Storage, the 2024 Buyer’s Guide for Data Storage is a valuable resource that provides practical insights into assessing, choosing, and implementing advanced block storage solutions. This complimentary guide serves as an essential tool, offering education to IT management and C-level executives, and guiding them through the complexities of the current dynamic storage environment.

The 2024 Block Data Storage Buyer’s Guide provides comprehensive insights into how the right data storage strategy can reduce operational costs and future proof an organization’s infrastructure for evolving data demands. It reviews modern IT practices, such as the software-defined datacenter design, that optimize the entire data center and details how IT Service Providers and Enterprise IT teams can accelerate their businesses with next-generation data storage for modern IT.

Among the key topics explored are:

  • Data Storage Types Decoded – unravel the distinctions between block, file, object and unified data storage
  • The Age of Software-Defined Storage – explore how SDS stacks up against traditional data storage arrays
  • Demystifying Data Storage Media – get the facts on data storage media
  • Tackling Application Problems – understand how block data storage uniquely solves fundamental application problems, opening doors to innovation
  • Block Data Storage Shortcomings – discover how to approach solutions, learn workarounds and understand the consequences
  • Reducing Application Response Times – increasing productivity, time-to-market, time-to-unique-revenues and time-to-unique-profits
  • Compare the Options – master the art of comparing one solution to another, understand the caveats and gain insights on how to look at TCO


“A good buyer’s guide should provide organizations with valuable recommendations when evaluating approaches to storage that will help them gain control of operational costs, ensure the right data storage for their business needs and position their infrastructure to better handle data growth,” said Staimer, President of Dragon Slayer Consulting. “This guide does just that by showing how to choose the best block data storage now and into the future. Block data storage is ideal for high-performance, mission-critical, data-intensive and enterprise applications needing consistent, low-latency, high I/O performance.”

“The needs of every business and every user have changed dramatically over the past decade yet too many companies continue to stick with their traditional approaches to data storage and as a result face an increasing number of issues,” said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage. “A new approach is needed to help organizations address the needs of tomorrow, be more agile and improve their cost efficiency. This buyer’s guide is written to help move the industry forward by educating the IT community about how they can overcome pressing challenges by adopting the best data storage innovations from recent years.”

Download a copy the full 2024 Block Data Storage Buyer’s Guide.

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