Cirata Gerrit MultiSite Simplifies Gerrit Instance Data Across Multiple Sites

A new version of Cirata Gerrit MultiSite® was released by Cirata. By delivering local replicas of Gerrit instance data across several global sites, Cirata Gerrit MultiSite helps development teams working in multiple locations become more productive. It does this by lowering latency and guaranteeing that teams can access reliable data no matter where they are.

“Today’s software development teams are distributed globally, however, the Gerrit instance data they need to access isn’t optimized for multi-location access or equipped with the necessary resilience. This creates latency bottlenecks that slow developer productivity and introduce unnecessary outage risks,” said Justin Holtzinger, Chief Revenue Officer, DevOps solutions, Cirata. “Cirata’s MultiSite technology, integrated with Gerrit, provides customers with the best-in-class code review tool that scales globally and is highly fault-tolerant. Cirata establishes a scalable multi-primary Gerrit environment which is ideal for companies with globally distributed teams. Cirata has successfully assisted enterprise organizations in scaling Gerrit to over 10 sites and 10,000 developers.”

Cirata Gerrit MultiSite, with support for Gerrit 3.7, now delivers newly enhanced capabilities that overcome the challenges with free and traditional disaster recovery solutions for Gerrit-based source code management environments. Offering greater granularity, scalability, and automation, Cirata Gerrit MultiSite reduces development downtime and interruptions while easily supporting global and growing teams with simplified scalability, communication, and collaboration. Key features include:

  • Enhanced Availability – Full multi-primary replication gives developers access to multiple instances of Gerrit repository data across multiple sites, ensuring high availability, minimizing downtime, and reducing latency due to server failures or maintenance.
  • Compliant Data Locality – By distributing workloads across multiple sites, the Cirata solution improves developer performance, while reducing latency with faster data access response times.
  • Disaster Recovery – Offering built-in disaster recovery capabilities, Cirata Gerrit MultiSite maintains synchronized copies of Gerrit repositories, reviews, and other Gerrit metadata across multiple sites. Developers can seamlessly switch to a replica at another site when needed without losing access to their codebase or work in progress.
  • Geographic Collaboration – Cirata Gerrit MultiSite, ensures that all distributed development team members can compliantly access the latest version of the code, regardless of their location for near real-time collaboration and project coordination.
  • Extensive Scalability – The Cirata solution scales Gerrit by adding additional “primary” instances that are all kept aligned with Cirata’s proprietary distributed computing algorithms. This enables enterprise agility to adapt to changing business demands without sacrificing performance or availability.
  • Compliance and Governance – Ideal for regulated industries or organizations with strict compliance requirements, Cirata Gerrit MultiSite ensures data integrity and compliance using synchronized replicas of Gerrit instance repositories across multiple sites while also adhering to geographical regulatory requirements for data redundancy and disaster recovery.

The latest version of Cirata Gerrit MultiSite is available now. For more information, please register for our live webinar, “Navigating Gerrit: Solutions for Seamless Software Development” on May 30, 2024 here.

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