Cloud Skills Gap Closing with Pluralsights Free Cloud Certification Courses

Pluralsight announced that it is offering four months of free access to comprehensive certification prep on Pluralsight Skills and the recently acquired A Cloud Guru platform in an effort to encourage learners to get cloud certified. From today until December 31, 2022, learners that currently do not have a paid subscription can now access video courses, study guides, quizzes, and more, for the most in-demand cloud and IT certifications taught by the world’s leading experts in their respective fields free of charge. This offering is open to anyone, including individuals who may not have a background in cloud or IT.

With this offer, Pluralsight aims to address the global cloud skills gap, which continues to expand and affect the entire technology industry. Organizations across the globe are struggling to acquire the right talent that can help support their cloud initiatives. According to Pluralsight’s State of Upskilling Report, 40% of technology learners and leaders ranked cloud computing as their top skill concern. As a result, there is high demand and competition for cloud-skilled professionals, with many organizations seeking technologists who can master the basics of cloud computing.

“Certifications can open the door to new career opportunities for technologists while helping to build and prove knowledge in the cloud. But too often, cost is a barrier for getting certified,” said Gary Eimerman, General Manager of Pluralsight Skills. “With this free offering, Pluralsight wants to help technology enthusiasts everywhere get certified and improve their cloud skills. Whether you are an existing IT professional looking to deepen your knowledge in the cloud or a non-technical professional looking to transition into a cloud career, by taking advantage of this offering you can ensure your skills are cloud ready, and better position yourself to grow and find success in the most in demand jobs. ”

Earning a cloud certification can not only deepen an individual’s skills, but it can have an impact on their career. According to research from A Cloud Guru, 52% of learners said cloud certifications expanded their career opportunities while 80% of people identified a higher salary as a direct result of cloud certification. With this free offering, Pluralsight is enabling learners to focus on cloud skill development to ready themselves for the next stage of their career. Interested learners can choose from five of the most in-demand cloud and IT certifications:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Google Cloud Digital Leader
  • Hashicorp Certified: Terraform Associate
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator


Learners that want to take advantage of this certification program to improve their cloud skills can register for an account here. For more information on how Pluralsight Skills is helping technologists around the globe develop the skills they need, please visit

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