Crypto Agility KPI Metrics Introduced by ATIS

ATIS has released the Strategic Framework for Crypto Agility and Quantum Risk Assessment, unveiling metrics for crypto agility. These metrics enable information and communications technology (ICT) organizations to actively gauge, evaluate, and improve their readiness for the transition to quantum-safe cryptography.

The power of quantum computing could eventually compromise current encryption algorithms widely used by network operators. This Strategic Framework for Crypto Agility and Quantum Risk Assessment presents the solutions needed to ensure communications and data remain secure.

Crypto agility refers to an organization’s capacity to promptly and efficiently adapt its cryptographic strategies in response to emerging threats. As new cryptographic technologies emerge and potential vulnerabilities are discovered, organizations must be agile in transitioning to more secure cryptographic algorithms. Standardized crypto agility metrics coupled with key performance indicators (KPIs) offer organizations a structured and measurable approach to responding to quantum computing’s challenges.

“This new report will equip organizations with a standardized language for KPI measures that will quantify an organization’s ability to navigating the intricacies of transitioning to quantum-safe cryptography — and will help them implement an effective risk mitigation plan for that the future quantum era presents.” said ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller. “It also positions ATIS as a leader in the quantum-aware cybersecurity landscape.”

Comprehensive in nature, among the many topics covered are allocating budget for quantum-risk-management efforts, educating and engaging stakeholders, as well as organizational and operational strategy metrics. A Crypto Agility KPI Scorecard is provided, along with an array of use cases spotlighting the application of the crypto agility scorecards within telecom enterprises.

By evaluating various scenarios, ranging from network infrastructure to data transmission protocols, these use cases illuminate the critical role of crypto agility in mitigating potential threats. Each use case delves into how a tailored crypto agility scorecard serves as an invaluable tool, allowing telecom providers to assess their readiness, adaptability, and robustness against evolving security challenges in the face of the quantum revolution.

Access the Strategic Framework for Crypto Agility and Quantum Risk Assessment.

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