EIS, Enterprise Intelligence Services, Advanced with DXC Technology

DXC Technology is excited to reveal a partnership with Dell Technologies aimed at enhancing Enterprise Intelligence Services (EIS). This collaboration represents a major advancement in utilizing advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, data analytics, and intelligent automation to transform data into a more holistic view of the enterprise.

The EIS architecture built on the Dell Validated Design for Generative AI with NVIDIA for Model Customization focuses on harnessing advanced technologies to empower organizations to make data-driven decisions, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiency. At its core, EIS aims to build a robust AI foundation to drive future enterprise initiatives and enable proactive decision-making based on real-time insights.

Through DXC, the convergence of key technologies is made possible such as data management, business intelligence (BI), AI, IoT, and cloud computing to extract actionable insights from vast data sets. This will enable real-time analytics, predictive modeling, and anticipation of market trends, providing organizations with a competitive edge.

“The step change in technological evolution today is that machines can understand and interact in human language. Machines already could sense the world around us and thus have the ability now to be an expert at almost any task,” said Sunil Menon, Global Leader of DXC’s Data & AI business. “This means that AI will be embedded in all aspects of an enterprise, from product development, personalized customer experience to operations, regulatory and finance. The challenge is that AI needs variety of quality, secure and ethical data to achieve this goal, and data is hard. AI needs data and data needs AI. By integrating AI as the foundation of DXC’s Enterprise Intelligence System, AI will permeate all aspects of the business, ensuring that every operational facet and customer interaction is enhanced by intelligence and foresight.”

The collaboration will enable DXC to build a robust AI foundation, serving as the primary layer for future enterprise initiatives. This foundation will facilitate data-driven decision-making, help understand market trends, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiency.

Incorporating advanced technologies, DXC aims to address the high failure rate of traditional data warehouse projects while handling the growing complexity and volume of business data more effectively, ensuring the success of data-driven initiatives.

To learn more about how DXC Technology advances Enterprise Intelligence Services, EIS, visit the website here.

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