Enhancements to Netwrix Data Security On-Premises and in the Cloud

Netwrix has released new versions of eight products since March 2023. The enhancements further help customers reduce the risk of breaches and limit the impact of attacks by empowering IT teams to fortify the security posture and to promptly detect and respond to threats and recover from them faster and with less effort.

Solutions with notable key enhancements include the following:

  • Active Directory (AD) security solution:
    • Netwrix Threat Manager (formerly Netwrix StealthDEFEND) now detects AS-REP Roasting attacks to prevent adversaries from taking over user accounts
    • Netwrix StealthINTERCEPT now accelerates detection of LSASS access blocking by third-party software to enable swift recognition and resolution of the situation.
    • Netwrix Password Policy Enforcer makes it even easier for users choose strong, compliant passwords by providing them with real-time feedback about proposed new passwords.
  • Identity and access management (IAM) solution:
    • Netwrix Password Secure enhances the security of the account creation process with token verification of the user’s identity during multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup.
    • Netwrix Usercube further reduces the attack surface by removing direct role assignments that are redundant given the role model’s rules.
  • Privileged access management (PAM) solution:
    • Netwrix PolicyPak further enhances least-privilege management on endpoints by adding support of MacOS. Now customers are empowered to control local admin rights across Windows and MacOS computers to ensure robust endpoint security posture without affecting end-user productivity.
    • Netwrix Auditor improves control over privileged groups in Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) with a dedicated report that facilitates regular access reviews.
  • Multi-tenant SaaS auditing product designed for MSPs:
    • Netwrix 1Secure now accelerates incident detection and response across the SharePoint Online and on-premises infrastructure of each MSP customer. Plus, detailed reports on AD risk metrics simplify assessment of their security posture and pinpoint risky accounts.


“Because nearly 3 in 4 organizations today have a hybrid IT architecture, Netwrix is focused on enabling strong, consistent security measures across the whole on-premises and cloud infrastructure,” says Michael Tweddle, Chief Product Officer at Netwrix. “Our near-term product roadmap is aimed at enhancing our support of cloud services and instances to address the ongoing security challenges of cloud adoption.”

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