EV Range Collaborating with LG as a Value Added Reseller of the LG Charger

EV Range has announced a recent partnership with LG Business Solutions, becoming a value-added reseller for the newly introduced American-made EV LG charger. This marks EV Range as the first electric vehicle charging software network authorized to distribute these innovative LG chargers. Every LG charger sold through EV Range comes preconfigured for remote management via EV Range’s charger station management software and can be accessed by consumers through the EV Range pay app.

“We are thrilled to introduce the LG charger to our network,” said Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. “Combining EV Range’s best in class cloud-based Charger Station Management Software, customizable EV Range pay app, and 24-7 support services with LG’s new EV charging station is a combination that exemplifies the best in electric vehicle charging innovation. Through our solution, everything is included with options for pedestals, cable management and even provisions to integrate an LG 22-inch outdoor digital display device. All systems are pre-configured in this EV Range offering, so an installer simply needs to turn on the charger with no commissioning required to get it up and running, and available to the public. From here, the EV Range team monitors and provides 24-7 support to ensure uptime and elevate the driver experience. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for the entire EV charging industry.”

EV Range provides backend management software, frontend apps and ongoing support services focused on improving the EV charging driver experience, and through rigorous testing only certifies station hardware that provides diagnostics and abilities to help remedy issues remotely.

The new, commercial grade LG charger has power input/output capabilities ranging from 208-240V on a 60A breaker/circuit and delivers a formidable 48A (11.5kW), at max output. This charge rate makes the most of the onboard AC charging architecture, and adds up to 35 miles of range per hour to a vehicle’s battery. One of the standout features of this charger is its user-friendly interface; CTEP-certified, and highlighted by a simple LED display to show real-time energy and cost data.

“EV Range has created a fully managed charging ecosystem that simplifies the charging experience for EV drivers as well as the host facility,” said Michael Kosla, U.S. senior vice president at LG Business Solutions. “LG is proud to partner with this forward-looking industry leader as we work together to make EV charging a mainstream feature of our 21st century national infrastructure.”

EV Range created a fully managed charging ecosystem that caters to both drivers and charging facility owners. With EV Range’s Charging Station Management Software, property owners and fleet managers gain full control over operations, analysis, and revenue generation. Custom branded stations and driver apps enhance the user experience, while EV Range’s 24/7 support call center provides round-the-clock assistance. The EV Range platform is efficient, effective, and scalable: perfect for anyone looking to own or manage EV charging stations.

EV Range is a managed platform offering the new LG charger units in the United States.

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