Find an Instant Friend for an Activity in Real-Time with WE-KONEKT

WE-KONEKT, used to find an instant friend, is available for download to all users on Android and iOS operating systems from Google Play and App Store in the United States. With well-developed and extremely tested technological means, this mobile application is quickly on its way to becoming a solution for people that would, otherwise, keep from engaging in an activity they enjoy because they don’t have someone to do it with.

Collaborating with ATSAP LLC for the creation of the software, the first version of the WE-KONEKT application not only matches singles, it also matches couples that would like to connect for double-dates as well as allows individuals to join a group activity, all while providing the convenience of chatting and RSVPing right through the app. Getting users to try the app for free, and with no future obligation, ensures the success and usability of the application from day one by removing any monetary barrier and allowing people to learn about its features. In addition, WE-KONEKT offers several pay-as-you-go subscription options, so you only pay when you use it. Imagine that!

How is WE-KONEKT different?

  • More than just one-on-one connections. It, also, caters to couples and groups.
  • No enduring one to two weeks of prior planning and coordination for an outing.
  • Offering pay-as-you-go subscriptions. Not obligated to have recurring monthly charges.
  • Travelers/Business people can experience an unknown place with those familiar with the area.
  • No risk for 1-day subscribers. You don’t pay if you don’t “konekt” within 24 hours.

“So many times I wished I had an instant friend to do something with on short notice. And so, for a long time, I contemplated how I could make this happen for me and others that felt the same way. This project has been many years in the making, in my mind, and I am grateful that I am finally able to bring it to life.”      Julissa Rosario; Founder and CEO of WE-KONEKT

For more detailed information and a demonstration, head on over to the Features page on the WE-KONEKT website and while you’re there, sign up for an additional promotional offer (limited time only) that will give you more free days, just type “Press Release” next to your first name to get additional free access.

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