Flexential to Feature Its Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Solutions

Flexential is excited to showcase Its disaster recovery and resiliency solutions at the distinguished DRJ Fall 2023 Conference from September 10-13 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The world of disaster recovery and resiliency is rapidly evolving. Recognizing the need for a deeper understanding, Flexential welcomes attendees to the 2023 Conference. Here, seasoned experts are eager to share best practices and champion methodologies that anchor organizational resilience. Dive into engaging conversations and capture actionable insights tailored to safeguard your organization’s data and ensure sustained operational health.

Breakout Session: A Deep Dive into Real-World Challenges
True experiences often offer the most authentic lessons. Flexential’s curated session, “Lessons from the Trenches: True Stories of DR Success and Learning,” scheduled for September 11 is a testament to this.

At this breakout session, Flexential is orchestrating a panel discussion aimed at bridging knowledge gaps. This discussion promises to extend a panoramic view of the disaster recovery arena, exploring challenges, innovations, and strategies that are shaping the future of business continuity.

Flexential’s Landyn Dow, Cloud and Data Protection Specialist and Will Bass, VP, Cybersecurity Services for Flexential along with Bryan Fisher, Cloud Architect – Strategic Accounts from Zerto, Flexential’s technology alliance partner, will guide attendees through the labyrinth of real-world challenges, shedding light on response strategies and valuable retrospective learnings. This unique gathering promises:

  • Detailed narratives from actual DR scenarios.
  • Comprehensive insights into notable disaster and ransomware incidents.
  • Methodical blueprints for efficacious response and recovery.


FlexTalk on Resiliency: Crafting the Blueprint for Tomorrow
As September progresses, Flexential’s commitment to knowledge-sharing remains strong. On September 25, the company invites industry enthusiasts and professionals to join the exclusive FlexTalk titled “Best Practices for IT Resiliency.” Delve into an enriched discourse that promises to:

  • Illuminate strategies to fortify IT infrastructure.
  • Offer insights into achieving high availability within sprawling data centers.
  • Unravel the intricacies of regional interruption safeguards and the formidable power of Metro area clusters.
  • Unpack the nuances of contemporary cyber resiliency measures.


A Repository of Knowledge Awaits
In a digital age, the value of credible resources is immeasurable. Flexential underscores this belief by providing a diverse array of insightful materials to navigate the intricate tapestry of disaster recovery. For a comprehensive collection, visit the website HERE.

See how Flexential goes beyond the four walls of the data center to empower IT through an interactive map found HERE.

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