Fuel Me Takes Electric Fueling Portable, Giving Nationwide Access to Clean EV Charging

The sale of electric vehicles continues to skyrocket, showing no signs of stopping. BNEF predicts that in the next five years, electric vehicles will make up “10% of global passenger vehicle sales, rising to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040.” But despite this rise, there is still a lack of innovative, efficient, and accessible charging solutions for the increasing market demand.

Investing in electric vehicles means investing in a green future. Yet, as we are still developing a clean energy infrastructure, most charging stations are powered by fossil fuels, meaning the carbon footprint of electric vehicles is no better than that of traditional gas vehicles. Bloomberg reports that it takes about 286 pounds of coal to travel 1,000 miles.

Fuel Me, the leader in nationwide energy distribution, is proud to announce the launch of  EV Fuel Me, a new division that is dedicated to both stationary and portable electric charging solutions. EV Fuel Me systems use clean energy as they are able to operate with clean fuels such as Propane (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This means drastically reducing the carbon footprint of electric vehicles while receiving faster and more accessible charging solutions.

Capitalizing on its portable charging solution and nationwide vendor network, EV Fuel Me is offering 24/7 electric vehicle roadside assistance services through its mobile application. No more having to get towed to the nearest charging station. The EV Fuel Me portable charging solution will be delivered to any vehicle for a quick charge of 2 miles per minute.

Moving to electric vehicles can help save our planet all while reducing operational costs for the consumer. The only issue with electric vehicles is the lack of charging infrastructure that is accessible to fossil fuel powered vehicles. As stated by COO Tom Hunter, “EV Fuel Me is the solution that the market has been waiting for.” With an expanding nationwide network of portable and stationary systems, EV Fuel Me is working towards enabling the growth of the electric vehicle industry with the necessary infrastructure and convenience for proper integration, all while reducing carbon emissions.

As we all work towards a green future, Fuel Me wants to capitalize on its energy distribution infrastructure to be an important player in this fundamental shift. Interested in learning more about EV Fuel Me? Visit www.fuel.me/evfuel-me for more information.

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