Hold360 Expands Integration With Slack Legal Hold

Congruity360, a leading SaaS data governance provider and creator of Hold360, announced the integration of Slack Legal Hold to enable automated in-place preservation for Slack data.

In-place preservation with Hold360’s integrated self-service legal hold platform just got better with the addition of Slack Legal Hold. Available to Slack Enterprise Grid organizations, the Hold360-Slack Legal Hold integration ensures that relevant data is saved when an organization needs to place a legal hold on Slack data.

Slack is the leading channel-based messaging platform, used by millions to align their teams, unify their systems, and drive their businesses forward. Prior to the release of Slack Legal Hold, corporate legal teams had to either keep all Slack data or utilize third party vendors to copy their Slack data and store it in a searchable archive.

“The Hold360-Slack Legal Hold integration is a game-changer, enabling self-service in-place legal hold preservation. What this means is lower costs and reduced risks when it comes to legal hold compliance,” says John Sanchez, Head of Legal Technology for Congruity360.

In-place preservation eliminates the need to copy and store data outside of Slack, eliminating monthly data storage costs and minimizing risks associated with copying data.  When compliance matters arise, Slack customers may be required by law to preserve data, including messages and files from a Slack workspace. Potential scenarios include issues related to reasonable anticipation of litigation, investigations, and regulatory compliance. With the Hold360-Slack Legal Hold integration, customers can comply with ease.

Hold360 is now available in the Slack App Directory to quickly install the integration and begin tackling any compliance needs within the communication platform.

Congruity360 is a single-source data governance provider bringing order to data chaos. Our solutions keep enterprise data secure, healthy, and agile, exposing reliable data sets that empower businesses to make intelligent decisions. With a focus on cost savings, simplicity, and efficiency, Congruity360 introduces simple workflows, reduced storage footprints, and maximum productivity to every engagement.

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