Integration Allows Zyte’s Powerful Web Scraping Capabilities Through YepCode

Zyte is announcing a recipe integration with YepCode in the YepCode serverless environment. Through the integration, application developers using YepCode will have easy access to Zyte’s industry-leading web scraping capabilities through a collection of recipes for automatic extractions into various enterprise applications and services.
Developers can now streamline their web scraping tasks and achieve complex integration with ease, using YepCode’s serverless environment and Zyte’s reliable data extraction capabilities. The partnership allows developers to automate web scraping tasks, automatically connecting the extracted data to various services and APIs, streamlining workflows to save time and increase productivity.
“The ability to automate web scraping tasks and connect the extracted data to various services and APIs using YepCode’s serverless environment is a nice ‘ease-of-use’ win for our customers,” said Shane Evans, CEO of Zyte. “Zyte is committed to providing our customers with powerful web scraping tools that empower them to collect valuable, publicly available data in the easiest, most reliable and cost-effective ways. This partnership provides a powerful, collaborative platform for development teams to automate their web scraping tasks, gain valuable insights, and achieve complex integrations with ease, in a secure and reliable way.”
“YepCode’s integration with Zyte is a powerful addition to our platform,” said Marcos Muíño, Co-Founder of YepCode. “Our users can now take advantage of Zyte’s web scraping capabilities and easily connect them to popular enterprise services using our out-of-the-box integrations and JavaScript templates, saving them time and increasing their productivity. The partnership between Zyte and YepCode provides customers with a powerful solution for sharing data, collaborating and creating value.”
Recipes for YepCode and Zyte users include popular platforms such as Airtable,, AWS DynamoDB, AWS Redshift, AWS SQS, Azure Blob, Clickhouse, Databricks, Devengo, Discord, Email, Factorial, Firebase, FTP, Google BigQuery, Google BigTable, Google Sheets, and more. With YepCode, developers can write scripts in a web browser and run them directly in the YepCode cloud, without the need for setup, deployments, or dependencies management.
For more information about YepCode’s recipe integration with Zyte, please visit the website here.
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