JuiceBar and NetZero Microgrid Solutions Deliver Commercial EV Charging Design and Deployments

JuiceBar, announces its newest partner, NetZero Microgrid Solutions (NZM Solutions).  NZM Solutions is committed to sustainability in the transportation sector.  NZM Solutions enables turnkey electrification strategies to support critical infrastructure needs for commercial real estate, fleet operators and transportation companies.

“The relationship with NZM Solutions supports our mission and commitment to future generations by building a global EV charging infrastructure that accelerates environmental sustainability,” said Paul Vosper, President & CEO of JuiceBar. “Not only are our EV chargers the best in the market but they are also built on a ‘smart’ platform which will allow intelligent integrations. NZM Solutions is well positioned to support our joint customers’ tailored, turnkey energy management and charger solutions.”

NZM Solutions, with offices in Philadelphia PA and Boston MA, has established itself as one of North America’s leading EV and energy management integration consultants and developers with a variety of business offerings that support the explosive growth in transportation electrification. NZM’s clients include a roster of real estate developers and owners, healthcare systems, municipal and local government agencies as well as commercial and industrial firms who are interested in an EV charging infrastructure to complement their on-site renewable energy, energy storage and resilience strategies.

JuiceBar’s flagship Gen 3 chargers are the most powerful Level 2 EV chargers on the market with charging speeds of 32-, 40-, 48- and 80-amp power levels. The Gen 3 eliminates installation and maintenance worries of site hosts while providing the most reliable and flexible service to their customers, employees, and guests. The Gen 3 does not force buyers onto a proprietary subscription-based network but rather allows property owners to choose their own network, a degree of flexibility that utilities throughout the country are encouraging as the marketplace for EVs evolves and buyers demand competitive pricing, new options to generate revenue and manage electricity usage.

“We are honored to be supporting the JuiceBar team with our services to plan beyond installing electric vehicle charging stations. The most comprehensive, financial and sustainable outcomes we are striving for will come by integrating on-site ‘behind the meter’ planning and implementation,” said Will Agate LEED AP, President and Founder of NZM Solutions. “Our mission with JuiceBar is to support their clients who want to dig deeper and include renewable energy, revenue enhancement and resilience strategies in sustainability projects. We package and deliver a variety of solutions through our energy service construction partners to extract even greater ROI.”

“There is no question that in addition to charging vehicles most efficiently, JuiceBar chargers will be a trigger for future renewable energy and sustainability strategies,” Paul Vosper added. “Partners like NZM will help clients add smart energy functionality as demands and designs grow in the future.”

Image Licensed by: Pixabay.com

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