KanKan AI Announces the Release of S and T Series Smart Boxes

Remark Holdings, a leading artificial intelligence (“AI”) solutions and digital media properties company, announced that Remark’s KanKan AI business successfully released its edge computing systems, the S and T Series Smart Boxes, AI-based edge computing boxes equipped with NVIDIA’s new generation of high-performance edge computing modules, with a smaller size and lower power requirements.

“When running KanKan’s award-winning AI software cores with NVIDIA CUDA’s acceleration, our Smart Boxes enable on-the-scene AI processing capabilities, thereby making low-cost, easy-deployment, real-time AI solutions possible,” stated Kai-Shing Tao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Remark Holdings. “Our Smart Boxes support our AI inference cores, including facial recognition, vehicle recognition, license plate detection, gesture detection and inference, fire and smoke detection, PPE enforcement, social-distancing enforcement, and contact tracing.”

The KanKan Smart Box S Series, can process as many as eight video streams simultaneously, thereby transforming ordinary cameras into smart cameras in one touch. The Smart Box tackles time-critical AI computing tasks in industries such as:

Retail – Retailers can improve the shopping cycle including customer insight analysis, purchasing process, customer satisfaction, store security enhancement and online-offline marketing strategies.

Schools & Campuses – Schools can manage student attendance, epidemic prevention and detection, intrusion detection, and reduction of power usage.

Food Service – Food service outlets can deploy the Smart Box to process multi-camera video; to preset various AI algorithm models based on kitchen operation and food preparation; to improve and enforce SOP in kitchens, and other catering establishments.

Energy Markets – Energy producers and distributors can monitor important measurements such as voltage, power factor, harmonic distortion, as well as optimizing substations performance by intelligently manipulating decision variables.

Recently, KanKan AI noted that cost-efficient deployment greatly accelerates the AI-driven upgrades for retail outlets such as China Mobile, thereby allowing the company to pursue additional contracts with an improved competitive edge. Moreover, the Smart Boxes broaden the company’s product mix and potential sources of revenue.

Along with the Smart Box S series, KanKan also released the Smart Box T series with more competitive pricing for smaller businesses.

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