Liquidware’s ProfileUnity v6.8.5 to Centralize Application Management

Liquidware announced the availability of ProfileUnity v6.8.5. This latest version of Liquidware’s leading user environment management solution is packed with new features that enable further centralization of Windows application and user environment management.

Modern Windows applications of all types can now be deployed and assigned by a ProfileUnity central management console. Supported application formats include Liquidware traditional FlexApp, FlexApp One, MSIX, MSIX App Attach, Microsoft App-V and VMware ThinApp. Additionally, traditional application installations can now be Cloaked to hide and assign applications from select users.

Application Cloaking, new in v6.8.5, completely hides select applications from specific users while making them available to specified users based on a context aware filter. Application Cloaking helps to simplify image management by giving administrators the option of placing certain applications in a base image, while using that image across various user groups. Application Cloaking can be invoked on any ProfileUnity context aware attribute (filter) such as location, time of day or any environment variable.

ProfileUnity has also gained two brand new feature modules – “MSIX” and “Microsoft App-V” management. These features enable the assignment of either MSIX or Microsoft App-V applications to any ProfileUnity context aware filter user or group target – all without scripting. Application files can be on-prem or cloud hosted. MSIX App Attach is also supported for non-persistent use cases such as Microsoft AVD, Citrix Virtual Desktops, or VMware Horizon. While Liquidware’s FlexApp app attached layering format can often handle the majority of these applications more efficiently, these new feature modules keep ProfileUnity customers agile and users productive from day one by supporting their existing application formats.

Two notable industry firsts in this release include Universal Folder Redirection and Universal Registry Redirection. Microsoft has long limited folder redirection to user shell folders and the registry couldn’t even be redirected. This limitation restricts Windows and Application Administrators from making changes to remediate applications that store user preferences outside the user profile. Opening all Windows folders and Registry keys to redirection with ProfileUnity’s new innovative features enables administrators to redirect users’ customized settings from applications back into users’ profiles to roam with them.

“ProfileUnity v6.8.5 is the culmination of several customer and partner requested features to further centralize the management of Windows users and applications,” said Jason Mattox, CTO, Liquidware. “Applications are inherently linked to users, user rights, and user authored data. With this release’s innovation, we continue to lead the industry in unified application and user environment management.”

“This latest release of ProfileUnity brings with it significant benefits for our customers that work with Thin Client Computing for their digital workspaces,” commented Steve Greenberg, President/Principal Architect of Thin Client Computing, a leading Liquidware partner. “Further centralization of user management and apps within the ProfileUnity console frees up admins’ time to be proactive rather than reactive. When coupled with Liquidware’s FlexApp and Stratusphere UX solutions, they deliver a comprehensive digital workspace management suite for Windows enterprises.”

The latest version is now available for a free trial, download here.

For more information on Liquidware, visit our website here.

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