Managed Security Awareness Program Feature Advancements for Vertical Industries

Arctic Wolf, a leader in security operations, announced the addition of new program features to its Managed Security Awareness solution as well as significant advancements in its Hollywood-style security awareness lessons, offering more options for vertical industries and expanded role-based content.

In the last quarter, Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness experienced more than 300% customer growth in, and was named a 2021 Tech Innovator Award Finalist by CRN.

Arctic Wolf was also included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Security Awareness and Training, Q4 2021 research as a solution that addressed both “Comprehensive Security Awareness and Training (SA&T)” and “Human Risk Quantification” functionality segments. Forrester highlights that Comprehensive Security Awareness and Training (SA&T) solutions “are feature and content rich, offering a variety of traditional e-learning, computer-based training (CBT) modules…” and that Human Risk Quantification vendors “disrupt with a data-driven approach to quantify the risks of human actions via integrations with security tools to measure security behaviors.”

Arctic Wolf believes this market and industry recognition demonstrates why the company’s approach to security awareness and training is quickly becoming a preferred solution for organizations worldwide.

To further capitalize on this market momentum, Arctic Wolf is introducing key enhancements and launching new program tracks designed to empower highly targeted organizations to effectively build stronger security cultures and lasting cyber resilience.

  • Industry-specific content tracks—Arctic Wolf introduces industry-tailored content tracks covering the finance, healthcare, education, government, and legal sectors. The topics, terminology, examples, and interactive elements of each content track are industry-specific to ensure better retention, recognition, and connection with training materials.
  • Role-based awareness content—Arctic Wolf enriches its content library to deliver security awareness and training lessons for highly targeted roles within the enterprise, including finance, IT, HR, executive, and front-line positions. Content will focus on real-world threat tactics often deployed against these roles, such as social engineering techniques leveraged to gain access to financial data or passwords.
  • Compliance training content pack—Arctic Wolf adds comprehensive training sessions for common compliance topics including PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, sexual harassment, and anti-discrimination training programs. Program administrators can assign content to specific employee groups that are required to achieve yearly certification.
  • Randomized phishing simulations—Arctic Wolf includes an enhancement to randomize phishing simulation delivery, reducing predictability and reinforcing employee vigilance against this pervasive threat tactic. Unlike other vendors that provide a generic lesson when someone clicks on a phishing simulation, Arctic Wolf assigns a remediation lesson specifically designed for each simulation that highlights the phishing indicators the user should have seen and needs to recognize in the future.
  • On-demand reporting to demonstrate organizational adoption— Arctic Wolf is also enriching program reporting for Managed Security Awareness to better inform program administrators on adoption trends, performance, and overall program effectiveness. Available on-demand via an interactive program dashboard, this enhanced reporting provides security teams with better visibility and qualitative insights to demonstrate advancements in their overall security posture as well as highlight areas for improvement.

To showcase the latest enhancements to Managed Security Awareness, Arctic Wolf has developed a first-of-its-kind, accelerated, and immersive experience to illustrate how its fully managed solution can change a company’s culture and improve employee sensitivity to cybersecurity topics. Illustrating 90 days of programming in 15 minutes, this self-paced interactive tour allows customers to see Arctic Wolf’s Hollywood-style training content and concierge delivery model first-hand and provides an in-depth program experience, from initial onboarding to microlearning sessions to program measurement. Click here to experience a Managed Security Awareness journey.

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