“Mark Yourself Safe” Text Feature Launched in Response to Recent Tornados

Manufacturing industry insiders TeamSense have created a Mark Yourself Safe feature to supplement their app-free digital platform built to bridge the communication gap between hourly workers and their employers. The Mark Yourself Safe capability is available immediately and will be offered at no cost to any corporation seeking to enhance communications with their hourly workers.

Inspired by their clients with operations near the recent tornado event, TeamSense launched Mark Yourself Safe into action to build the new feature within 72 hours of the news breaking.

The Mark Yourself Safe capability enables users to send a request to employees via the administrator dashboard or for team members to initiate the flow by texting “safe” or “emergency” to the TeamSense phone number. In the event of an emergency, administrators can export responses directly from the dashboard to track the status of team members. Hourly workers, both full-time and temporary, are notoriously challenging to reach because they often do not work at a desk, have a company phone, or access to a company email. TeamSense has developed an app-free text-based solution designed to leave no employee behind. The system connects the phone number to the employee ID and sits atop an existing human resources tech stack.

“TeamSense is uniquely positioned to solve this problem,” said CEO of TeamSense, Sheila Stafford. “Our technology was purpose-built to help employers reach the hourly worker population. Once we learned of the tragedy, it was obvious we needed to act.” The Buffalo, New York native, developed TeamSense after spending a career on manufacturing floors and witnessing the gap in relevant technologies for these workers.

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