Living Lab Green Living Project “From the Ground Up”

From the street this house will look like all the others. However, if you follow Specialty Publishing Media tech expert Peggy Smedley, from the moment the land is prepped, this home will be a model for sustainable, resilient, and efficient residential homebuilding practices. Peggy and her husband David are embarking on the unimaginable. They are building a Living Lab, with the help of a host of industry partners to encourage ecofriendly and green living.

This home will incorporate advanced products and systems from leading manufacturers and technology companies from across the globe. From the Ground Up: Project Sustainability Living Lab will demonstrate how we can create a sustainable, clean, and green future for all homes and future communities in which we live, thrive, and prosper.

This Living Lab home will be developed to restore and regenerate natural ecosystems in a cost-effective manner, leveraging the best building materials and focusing on future generations with innovative solutions to create the best approaches to building a clean-energy home.

The Living Lab will give consumers, builders, trades, industry, academia, and government an inside look through the entire process of building a sustainable home. Every aspect of the build will be featured from concept to completion, giving homeowners the why and how of every decision throughout the building process.

“Residential energy use is increasing with more people working from home and driving electric vehicles. This is causing homeowners to place a greater priority on energy efficiency and resiliency to reduce their costs and shrink their carbon footprint,” says Richard Korthauer, VP, Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric. “As the most sustainable company in the world, we are proud to be part of the Living Lab project as we continue to explore new approaches and innovations to help homeowners better understand and optimize their energy use.”

The significant benefit to the environment will result in creating sustainable clean energy building practices across the country. The idea is starting small and creating a system that builds on itself. Sustainable building practices contribute to the community and that means greener homes for improved performance in health, environment, and economics.

Companies are invited to participate in the Living Lab. Some of the current partners involved include City of Columbia, S.C, Schneider Electric, pureLiFi, and Evercam.

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