Nerdio Supports Azure Stack HCI in Azure Virtual Desktop Deployments

Nerdio has announced that its Nerdio Manager for Enterprise Premium edition now supports Azure Stack HCI in Azure Virtual Desktop deployments.

Deploying Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts to on-premises infrastructure via Nerdio Manager for Enterprise allows organizations to automate hybrid deployment and management. It enables organizations to better meet data residency or governance needs and improve the performance and management of hybrid cloud deployments.

“For a variety of reasons, organizations are currently striving to better manage and automate Azure Virtual Desktop while continuing to leverage their on-premises investments,” said Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO and co-founder, Nerdio. “Nearly every deployment, management and optimization task Nerdio Manager can do in Azure can now be automated in an extended on-premises hyperconverged infrastructure environment. This is an incredibly powerful next step in empowering more organizations to benefit from Azure and cloud based virtual desktop infrastructure.”

The new Azure Stack HCI functionality in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v4.1 allows organizations to:

  • Integrate with one or several Azure Stack HCI clusters located in corporate data centers.
  • Create, manage, and update hybrid Azure Virtual Desktop host pools with virtual machines (VMs) running on-premises using physical hardware.
  • Create, manage, update, and export desktop images to be used for creation of session host VMs.

VMs are automatically created and managed through the Nerdio Manager interface. Session hosts can be multi-session or single session and advanced features like Nerdio’s scripted actions, monitoring, FSLogix, and scheduled automation are fully supported. Auto-scaling capabilities for on-premises VMs will be coming soon.

Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI is currently in preview by Microsoft. Nerdio is participating in the preview and releasing this new functionality now to propel interest ahead of the Microsoft solution’s general availability and provide the easiest route to enterprise adoption.

There are over 14 additional new features in Nerdio Manager for Enterprise v4.1. Highlighted new features allow organizations to extend Azure API limits in very large Azure Virtual Desktop deployments with thousands of VMs, and the ability to automate deployment of session host VMs onto Azure Dedicated Hosts to enable compute isolation, which can be important in highly secured and compliant environments.

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