New Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Functionality Supported by MinIO Object Storage

MinIO Inc. announced support for several new features Microsoft SQL Server 2022. This expanded support enables SQL queries to be executed against data that is distributed across clouds, larger than ever and is in different file formats.

“While AI and ML promise to provide some of the deepest insights into data, setting up and leveraging these ML pipelines requires highly sophisticated data science capabilities,” said Kris Inapurapu, Chief Business Officer at MinIO. “In many cases these are long ranging projects that take months if not years to complete, and may require retraining existing staff to learn these new data science paradigms. Microsoft SQL Server is already ubiquitous in the enterprise and with SQL Server 2022, object storage becomes a first class citizen through a technique called external tables. With this addition, the entire enterprise can query massive, distributed object stores with exceptional performance.”

One of the biggest benefits afforded by the new features set is the ability to query data where it resides without incurring the expense and complexity associated with moving it. SQL Server 2022 allows for continuous replication of data to and from the cloud enabling disaster recovery capabilities. When combined with the power of MinIO’s multi-cloud object storage suite, fast data can reside on NVMe-based fast data engines and tier it to any number of slower tiers based on media or clouds. MinIO and SQL Server 2022 users can now read, write, and process big data using Transact-SQL or Spark libraries, allowing them to easily combine and analyze high-value relational data with non-relational high-volume big data.

MinIO’s object store is the fastest in the world, with published GET/PUT throughput benchmarks in excess of 325 and 165 GiB/sec respectively on just 32 nodes of NVMe. This performance has made MinIO the object store of choice for leading machine learning frameworks, analytics applications, databases, web applications and other performance-oriented workloads. The feature rich object storage suite is available on the public cloud, private cloud and edge. This includes public cloud deployments on Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, private cloud deployments on Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, HPE Ezmeral, SUSE Rancher in addition to millions of colo and edge deployments.

“We are pleased to add MinIO to our suite of supported object stores,” noted Asad Khan, Vice President, Azure Data Engineering at Microsoft. “MinIO’s performance, scalability and multi-cloud capabilities have made them the object store for developers and architects across the globe. Given our respective footprints, we anticipate we will support customers across industries and geographies.”

MinIO’s multi-cloud object storage suite is now generally available for Microsoft customers using SQL Server. To learn more, please visit the website here.

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