PagerDuty Completes Acquisition of Rundeck

PagerDuty announced that it has completed the acquisition of Rundeck. The addition of Rundeck’s intelligent machine automation, including auto-remediation and self-healing, to PagerDuty’s leading incident response offering will enable teams on the digital frontline to resolve faster, reduce costs and protect customer experience.

Rundeck democratizes automation in the IT organization, giving engineering, IT, customer service and security teams a self-service way to run automated machine-centric workflows – or runbooks – to prevent, diagnose and resolve incidents without needing to escalate to an expert.

“We now depend on digital services to live, learn, work and connect, causing a fundamental shift for every business, with digital transformation initiatives accelerating to meet business and customer demands. This puts immense pressure on the teams responsible for the online customer experience. Since March alone, there’s been a 40% increase in incidents across the board, and digital teams are working an extra 10-15 hours per week firefighting. Rundeck combined with PagerDuty can now automate the entire incident response lifecycle, reducing costs, saving time and optimizing customer experiences and revenue.” – Jennifer Tejada, Chief Executive Officer at PagerDuty

The aggregate purchase price for the acquisition was approximately $100 million, excluding adjustments, paid approximately 60% in cash and 40% in PagerDuty common stock.