Parallels Desktop Achieves Arm SystemReady VE Certification

Alludo announced Parallels has recently received the well-known Arm® SystemReadyTM VE certification for its Parallels Desktop solution, securing its position as a leader in virtualization technology. The Arm SystemReady certification program is built around a set of compute platform standards that ensure software compatibility, optimization, reliability, and security on Arm-based systems. This certification is only given to products that meet Arm’s specifications.

“By achieving this certification, Parallels has again demonstrated its commitment of working with technology partners like Arm to provide developers and users with a virtualization platform that meets the highest industry standards,” said Prashant Ketkar, CTO at Alludo.

Businesses can have greater confidence that Windows 11 and Linux will function smoothly, minimizing downtime and supporting business continuity. The certification ensures that developers’ code and testing in Arm-based virtual environments will run with seamless interoperability across standard operating systems and software. This alignment can help to avoid compatibility issues and streamline the development process.

“By standardizing common building blocks, fragmentation is reduced, and device users can focus on the task at hand without worrying about security or reliability,” said Andy Rose, VP Technology Strategy and Fellow at Arm. “Parallels’ certification demonstrates a commitment to delivering high-quality software and we look forward to seeing how Parallels Desktop users are further empowered to use Windows 11 and Linux with increased reliability and security on Arm-based systems.”

In addition to the Arm certification, Parallels reached another significant milestone in February 2023, when Microsoft recognized Parallels Desktop as the only third-party solution for running Arm versions of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise on Macs with Apple Silicon. This was especially exciting for business users who have been eager to harness the power of Windows 11 on their Apple devices.

Parallels Desktop is a widely recognized virtualization software that enables Mac users to run Windows on their devices. Key reasons Parallels Desktop is ideal for running Windows 11 on Macs include:

  • Seamless Integration: Parallels Desktop offers a coherent and smooth experience, allowing users to run Windows and macOS applications side by side without rebooting. This integration enables users to easily switch between operating systems and access their preferred apps seamlessly.
  • Performance: Parallels Desktop is designed to run VMs on Apple Silicon, resulting in enhanced performance for Windows 11 on Mac in areas such as faster start-up times, and improved battery life.
  • Easy Installation: Parallels Desktop simplifies installation, making it quick and hassle-free to get Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise up and running on your Mac. Users can easily download and install Windows 11 directly from Parallels Desktop or import an existing virtual machine.
  • Facilitate Compliance: Microsoft has authorized the use of Arm versions of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise installed in a virtual machine with Parallels Desktop for Mac.

The combination of Arm certification and Microsoft authorization has opened up a new world of possibilities for business users and developers in particular. Users can expect a seamless, high-performance, and secure experience when running Windows 11 on their Apple devices, thanks to Parallels Desktop, which is now backed by the Arm SystemReady certification.

“The future is bright, and the recent updates are a testament to the ongoing innovation that continues to shape the tech industry,” added Ketkar.

You can find more information on the official Arm SystemReady certification HERE.

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