PEAK:ARCHIVE Solves Power, Density and Ransomware Challenges

PEAK:AIO is thrilled to introduce its new PEAK:ARCHIVE. While the PEAK:AIO’s AI Data Server also boosts capacity while maintaining top performance, the innovative PEAK:ARCHIVE offers a groundbreaking plug-and-play solution for AI teams needing data archiving, enhanced security, and compliance. Developed in collaboration with quad-level cell (QLC) flash memory vendor Solidigm, this revolutionary all-flash architecture delivers exceptional density and power efficiency, offering an impressive 1.4PB of storage in a compact 2U unit, with plans to reach 3PB per 2U.

As AI projects transition from development to production, the need for robust data management solutions becomes critical. PEAK:ARCHIVE was designed in response to user feedback from the dynamic AI market. This market is increasingly facing archive and compliance demands that require a careful balance of scale, cost, and power efficiency.  PEAK:ARCHIVE addresses these challenges by delivering a fully automated, out-of-the-box immutable large-scale flash solution that ensures comprehensive backup, archiving, and compliance while protecting against ransomware.

Key Features of PEAK:ARCHIVE 

  • Unmatched Capacity: 1.4PB in a single 2U unit, with plans to double capacity in 2025.
  • Power Efficiency: Significantly lower power consumption compared to traditional hard drives, making it ideal for sustainable AI installations.
  • Simplicity and Automation: Effortlessly integrates with the PEAK:AIO Data Server with automated archive, eliminating the need for additional backup servers or software.
  • AI Sensitive Cost: When offered in conjunction with PEAK:AIO primary storage enables a 50% reduction in the PEAK:ARCHIVE license cost, offering a dense all flash solution at the cost of a large and power-hungry HDD option.
  • Instant Recovery: The administrator, at the click of a button, can present archived data for review and instant readability without any need to restore.
  • Ransomware Protection: Immutable data storage safeguards against tampering and ensures data integrity even in the event of a ransomware attack.

PEAK:ARCHIVE is ideal for traditional IT environments seeking to reduce the cost and density of HDD-based backup solutions. It supports industry-leading backup applications, allowing organizations to upgrade their data center infrastructure and strengthen their data protection strategies, all while delivering high performance archive on affordable flash with instantaneous recovery time objectives.

PEAK:ARCHIVE offers an unmatched combination of high capacity, energy efficiency, and ease of use, making it a game-changer for AI teams. Its innovative design ensures that AI projects can scale seamlessly, with a storage system that grows with their needs while maintaining compliance and data integrity. This solution also provides robust support for audit trails and regulatory demands, essential for sectors like healthcare, finance, and legal.

“As AI has transitioned from experimental to production phases and attracts increasing scrutiny on AI ethics and bias, there’s a need for transparent model creation processes. Archiving solutions must enable detailed tracking and documentation of data sources, training methods, and model iterations. This transparency is essential, not just for ethical considerations, but also for compliance with regulatory standards,” said Mark Klarzynski, CEO of PEAK:AIO. “PEAK:ARCHIVE provides an entirely new way to automate data backup and preservation, so datasets withstand the test of time, ensuring robust support for audit trails and the regulatory demands associated with the expanding AI sector, today and tomorrow.”

PEAK:ARCHIVE is now generally available. To learn more about PEAK:ARCHIVE, please visit the website here.

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