SAP Exposure Management Now Part of XM Cyber’s New Capabilities

XM Cyber announced new features to enhance exposure management for SAP deployments. XM Cyber offers ongoing visibility into attack paths targeting SAP systems and provides guidance to mitigate these risks. With SAP Exposure Management, organizations can better protect and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their SAP systems, which are essential for core business operations.

SAP Exposure Management came as a result of an analysis conducted by the XM Cyber team, in collaboration with our SAP customers, focused on how attackers could target and compromise the SAP environment. From this research, XM Cyber identified multiple attack techniques, all specific to SAP environments. These techniques are exploited in the wild and represent a real risk to business operation continuity and are focused on recent versions of SAP actively in use by enterprises. Beyond these specific attack techniques, SAP environments are also often compromised by regular hygiene issues, such as misconfigurations and credential abuse, which form attack paths. Together, this ability to prioritize the most potentially damaging attack paths, enhanced with specific SAP attack techniques, enables Security and IT teams to better protect their business-critical assets.

The XM Cyber Continuous Exposure Management platform further provides security and IT teams with the detailed guidance needed to address the risks before an attack. By extending XM Cyber’s industry-leading XM Attack Graph Analysis™ to SAP, organizations can now visualize risks to their SAP deployments and their entire hybrid environment and intelligently prioritize remediation based on potential impact to these business critical assets. This unified view drives efficiency and efficacy for Security and IT teams.

Key benefits of XM Cyber’s SAP Exposure Management include:

  • Continuous Exposure Identification: XM Cyber identifies and prioritizes exposures in SAP ERP systems.
  • Attack Graph Analysis™: By mapping attack paths and identifying exposures targeting SAP systems, XM Cyber’s platform provides organizations with comprehensive visibility into potential attack vectors and to analyze impact and identify choke points for efficient remediation of risk.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: XM Cyber’s platform offers continuous monitoring, allowing organizations to adapt their security posture dynamically and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats targeting SAP systems.
  • Guided Remediation: XM Cyber delivers guidance into patching, alternative remediation options, and system hardening to provide the most effective remediation.


“SAP is how businesses get things done,” said Boaz Gorodissky, CTO and Co-Founder at XM Cyber. “If your SAP environment is compromised, you lose control of your data and you lose the ability to generate revenue. It’s why XM Cyber prioritized addressing the attack techniques that target SAP environments.”

XM Cyber’s SAP attack technique mitigation gives security teams the visibility required to quantify risk to their production systems. By identifying these critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, XM Cyber is equipping organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to fortify their SAP environments against these emerging threats.

To learn more about SAP Exposure Management, visit the website here.

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