SearchUnify Announces Mamba ‘21 to Power Next-Gen Support & Self-Service

Leading cognitive search platform, SearchUnify, has announced the general availability of its fall release, Mamba ‘21. The release solidifies SearchUnify’s commitment to driving customer support and self-service with its cognitive search platform and complete suite of customer support apps.

“We’ve always been laser-focused on elevating customer support and self-service experiences,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify. “Mamba ‘21 empowers teams to fully realize the cognitive power with a host of new apps, features, and enhancements.”

“One addition that I’m particularly excited about is the Escalation Predictor. As the name suggests, it analyzes various aspects of a ticket to predict the likelihood of its escalation, helping provide timely resolution ensuring a better CSAT. The app will further strengthen the platform’s existing suite of AI-powered apps aimed at streamlining, optimizing, and future-proofing the support ecosystem.”

The SearchUnify Chatbot that’s hailed as “best of breed” by TSIA now comes packed with even more power. It now supports chat in multiple languages and comes with readymade and customizable stories, which further expedite its training and quicken its time to value.

“We’re expanding our suite of custom apps built on top of our cognitive search platform beyond customer support function to enable best-in-class experiences for sales, customer onboarding and success teams,” added Vishal Sharma. To that vision, SearchUnify has made major enhancements to its cognitive search platform to elevate content findability. These enhancements include significantly faster speed of search, better access control with a super admin, more relevant auto-synonym suggestions with Synonyms 3.0, new analytics reports and more powerful search analytics, cleaner and configurable search results display page, Regex-based keyword tuning, and more.

“Today, the need to distinctly identify and elevate customer experience is a burning business requirement,” said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, SearchUnify’s parent company. “CX is the currency in this customer economy. If customers think your service isn’t up to the mark, they will switch. This opportunity cost of losing customers can be averted with an augmented system. Mamba ‘21 enables us to rapidly advance our mission towards that end by furthering our ongoing commitment to customer and self-service.”

“We’re going full steam ahead! Most of the new features and enhancements have been implemented not just for a persona but while working closely with our customers. They have always been our driving force. This is why the AI-fueled platform is constantly getting lauded for the sheer convenience and category-leading capabilities,” he added.

SearchUnify is a cognitive search platform for enterprises that fuels multiple applications for various industries and functions. Some of these applications are Intelligent Chatbots, Agent Helper, Community Helper, KCS Enabler, and Escalation Predictor. Companies like Rubrik, Flexera, Databricks, Kronos, and Zuora trust SearchUnify for enhancing their customer and employee experience with revolutionized information discovery.

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