Spam and Graymail Detection Established by SlashNext Powered by GenAI

SlashNext introduced SlashNext GenAI for Spam and Graymail, marking the debut of the industry’s initial detection and filtering solution for spam and graymail. It employs a generative AI large language model (LLM) to offer exceptional accuracy and precision, nearly eliminating false positives. This technology employs specialized AI classifiers to discern various categories of spam and unwanted graymail, such as marketing ads, sales communications, newsletters, and announcements. The heightened precision delivered by AI substantially mitigates threats embedded in these emails, leading to significant productivity enhancements for users and SOC teams.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the SlashNext Threat Labs team has observed a 1,265% increase in malicious phishing emails. The FBI warns in its recent IC3 report that losses due to BEC in 2023 exceeded $2.9B, with an average cost of $137K per BEC incident. The availability of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT is enabling cybercriminals to launch sophisticated email-based attacks quickly and in greater volume than ever before. As a byproduct, spam and graymail volumes have increased as well, which amplifies the burden placed on SOC teams who are left to manage the influx in emails reported by users for investigation.

“SlashNext was the first to fight generative AI attacks with generative AI protection,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. “In 2023, we launched the industry’s first generative AI solution for Business Email Compromise (BEC) to thwart advanced supply chain, executive impersonation, financial fraud, and other socially engineered attacks. Now, we are extending this same generative AI capability to detect and block unsolicited spam and graymail, further reducing risk and enhancing the productivity of both individual users and SOC teams.”

SlashNext GenAI for Spam and Graymail improves user productivity by keeping their inboxes clean and free of spam and unsolicited emails that they otherwise would likely report to their SOC teams for investigation. This in turn reduces the burden on SOC teams who now receive fewer alerts and investigation requests. With an intuitive executive dashboard and executive summary report, CISOs can easily demonstrate the value of SlashNext GenAI for Spam and Graymail. The dashboard and reporting capabilities provide clear insights into the value delivered by showcasing metrics such as “User Productivity Hours Saved” and “SOC Analysts Time Saved.”

Unlike other email security solutions that use primary signatures and policies, SlashNext GenAI for Spam and Graymail is based on a proprietary generative AI LLM. Because of this approach, it also seamlessly integrates with Microsoft and augments Microsoft Defender for Office 365. This pairing provides customers with the strongest “better together” defense in depth strategy available.

SlashNext GenAI for Spam and Graymail is available now. Learn more about SlashNext’s patented generative AI security technology for spam and graymail detection here.

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