Tapad Listed as Partner on Snowflake Data Marketplace

Marketers within brands, agencies and technology platforms can explore using The Tapad Graph to configure their data how it works best for their business

Tapad, the global leader in privacy-safe, cross-device identity resolution, announced today a partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform, to list data on Snowflake Data Marketplace. Tapad’s newly launched listing within Snowflake Data Marketplace facilitates faster adoption of The Tapad Graph for brands, agencies and vendors in the ecosystem. The Tapad Graph will bring better insights and efficiencies for marketing decisioning to new customers of digital identity resolution, made possible through the activation of The Tapad Graph, which accesses 1.38 billion users across four billion digital IDs spanning five continents.

Consumption of digital content is constantly evolving, and while newer and emerging channels like Addressable TV and IoT are increasing in popularity, more traditional devices, including laptops and smartphones, remain very much a part of the consumer journey. As more devices continue to proliferate and consumer behaviors shift, marketers require a much deeper understanding of the customer journey between brand engagements, as well as how those individual users map back to household decision makers and purchases. Tapad is the most robust digital identity graph on the market, providing a privacy-safe way for stakeholders across the digital marketing ecosystem to execute programmatic targeting, media measurement, attribution and personalization.

“Tapad is proud to join Snowflake Data Marketplace and we look forward to continuing delivering value to joint customers through our own services and capabilities,” says Mark Connon, Chief Operating Officer at Tapad. “Tapad’s expertise and solutions in cross-device identity resolution will complement and support users of Snowflake’s cloud data platform, and we’re looking forward to this new way of connecting, educating and helping marketers reach their audiences effectively.”

Snowflake Data Marketplace eliminates data movement and the need to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or manage APIs, meaning marketers can gain access to live, ready-to-query data without having to integrate it themselves or pay for additional storage, regardless of the quantity or volume of data accessed. Upon activation, Snowflake users can access and query The Tapad Graph instantly for a broader view of customer insights, empowering marketers with reliable, consistent connections to the data they need, while reducing effort and saving time for engineering teams.

“The consumer journey is made up of more channels than ever before and organizations need reliable and consistent access to privacy-safe data so they can mobilize the data from across all devices to power their business,” said Snowflake Head of Media, Entertainment and Advertising, Bill Stratton. “We are excited to enable cross-device identity solutions, such as Tapad’s offering, to our Snowflake Data Marketplace customers. Snowflake’s unique secure data sharing technology allows partners like Tapad to increase marketing ROI and transparency while also improving privacy compliance.”


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