TopicLake Policy Insights Began Proving its Role in Simplifying Federal Regulations

In a remarkable demonstration of dedication to improving regulatory transparency, Gadget Software Inc., a leader in AI-driven data analysis solutions, has unveiled its newest product, TopicLake Policy Insights. This innovative service has quickly gained traction, garnering over 50,000 users worldwide in just 50 days, underscoring its essential role in simplifying regulations for all the various federal agencies.

Launched in mid-March, TopicLake Policy Insights provides daily updates on new regulations, offering users over 15 million unique insights about policies covering the past four years. By the end of the year, this service aims to expand its coverage to include 24 years of policy insights, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and individuals alike seeking to navigate the complexities of federal regulations.

Key Features of TopicLake Policy Insights include:

  • Daily Regulation Updates: Stay informed with the latest insights on new and existing regulations.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Access insights from four years of policies, with plans to expand to 24 years by year-end.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with feedback from users who prefer simpler regulation language and the ability to navigate multiple regulations and agencies in one place.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Tailored for users who prefer accessing information on mobile devices.


Additionally, Gadget Software has announced a feature update for TopicLake Policy Alerts, scheduled for Q3. This update will introduce notifications about agencies enacting or proposing new regulations, with customizable options for users to choose which agencies they want to track.

“Our goal with TopicLake Policy Insights was to demystify the complexities of federal regulations, making them accessible and manageable,” said Maxwell Riggsbee, Jr., Founder and Chief Product Officer of Gadget Software. “Reaching this user milestone so quickly not only validates our solution but also reinforces our commitment to continuously improve and expand our offerings.”

To explore how TopicLake Policy Insights can transform your understanding of federal regulations, visit the website

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