Whitehat Virtual Launches Titanium HCI to Support Citrix and VMware VDI Environments Out-of-the-Box

Whitehat Virtual,  released Titanium HCI, its flagship hyperconverged virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) appliance for both Citrix and VMware Horizon environments. The new hyperconverged appliance delivers scalability and full lifecycle management and support for Citrix and VMware VDI environments.

Offering a complete, self-contained system to deliver hardware, software and management, Titanium HCI delivers everything Citrix and VMware Horizon users need to be successful, including better performance and a great end-user experience while lowering the total cost of ownership.

“The majority of virtual desktop users are frustrated with the cost, complexity and performance of their VDI environment,” said Val King, President and CEO, Whitehat Virtual. “Many continue to throw more tools and software at the problem, only to add to their management complexity and headaches. Companies need worry-free ongoing solutions, not band-aid fixes, that are guaranteed to work with leading-edge technology without escalating cost options. Titanium HCI offers everything VDI users need, for life. It represents the culmination of all our experienced team knows about building, managing, and supporting the use of virtual desktops by thousands of end users every day, from the simplest environment to most graphic-intensive, requiring NVIDIA vGPU to get the VDI end-user experience right.”

Built on the strength of Dell EMC and VMware vSAN Ready Nodes, Titanium HCI delivers scalability and easy hardware management and support. The solution provides the stability and performance benefits of best practices learned from more than 1,500 optimizations cataloged by the Whitehat Virtual team’s proven experience. Additional benefits offered by Titanium HCI include:

  •  Sub 30-second VDI user logins
  •  No performance bottlenecks
  •  Automatic issue resolution
  •  Fixed, predictable cost
  •  No capital expenditure on software or hardware
  •  Zero-cost Citrix and VMware upgrades
  •  Fully deployed and managed


Designed for users that want to simplify their VDI environment or are looking for a quick and easy way to stand one up for the first time, Whitehat Virtual’s Titanium HCI packs everything that’s needed in a fully managed hyperconverged appliance. The solution is fully supported by the Whitehat Virtual team including:

  •  Unlimited experts as required to address all issues immediately
  •  Unlimited upgrades as necessary to maintain current protection and operation
  •  Dedicated software for unlimited communication between customers and Whitehat Virtual experts
  •  Unlimited resolution of challenges and network issues

Whitehat Virtual customer Central Texas Pediatric Orthopedics (CTPO) has reduced their VDI support issues by 68% since migrating to Titanium HCI infrastructure. “Our old IT infrastructure could not keep up with the demands of the practice.  Whitehat’s Titanium solution was perfect for our needs,” said Cindy White, Practice Administrator for CTPO. “After migrating to the Whitehat Titanium HCI infrastructure, our environment is 100% faster and more responsive. That means we can spend more time focusing on what really matters, the children in our care.”

Whitehat Virtual’s Titanium HCI is available now. For more information, visit: www.whitehatvirtual.com or register for a demo here to experience “VDI that’s Easy as Pie.”

Image licensed by: WhiteHat Technologies

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