ADAPT Virtual Environment Unveiled by BAE Systems

BAE Systems introduced ADAPT, its sophisticated digital analysis and prototyping testbed, at the annual I/ITSEC event in Orlando, Florida. ADAPT serves as an integrated virtual environment, offering thorough analysis across various warfighting domains. This enhances decision-makers’ capabilities to forecast, adjust, and succeed in dynamic and contested environments.

ADAPT models and simulates complex scenarios, encompassing platforms, sensors, networks, data, and processing algorithms in real-time—a capability that is not achievable with high-level simulators or operations analysis tools.

“ADAPT provides the unique ability to simulate tactical-level data to understand how advanced algorithms and software perform within a digital environment to enable decision advantage within battle networks,” said Matt Crozier, director of advanced technology prototyping at BAE Systems Intelligence & Security. “Its open system architecture allows rapid integration of additional simulators and digital models in real-time within live, virtual, and constructive environments.”

The virtual environment’s high-fidelity platform can simulate real-world combined joint all domain command and control (C-JADC2) scenarios. In addition to mission and information analysis, ADAPT provides system of systems analysis through the integration of model-based system engineering in which it can assess, trade, and optimize architecture and requirements in a digital environment.

For more than 30 years, BAE Systems has supported the U.S. government with enterprise IT, engineering, and system integration services, advancing technologies and keeping in step with its evolving mission requirements. Its systems engineering and modernization offerings include the introduction of next-generation commercial products and the implementation of automation, and Agile and DevSecOps solutions.

At I/ITSEC 2023, learn about BAE Systems and its partners and how they will unveil an array of differentiating capabilities including ADAPT (Advanced Digital Analysis & Prototyping Testbed), a revolutionary system designed to transform data to advance our customers preparedness, enabling decision makers to predict, adapt, and win.

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