ADARA Announces Public release of New Virtual 5G App for Android Phones and Tablets

ADARA Networks, Inc. announced the Public Availability of a new version of its Virtual 5G for Android App.

ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android App is the second version of ADARA’s Virtual 5G product; the two versions have amassed nearly 250,000 global downloads through distribution from multiple App Stores and Mirrors within just weeks of their respective releases.

The new ADARA Virtual 5G for Android App has been completely redesigned to increase USEX (User Experience); it is more ergonomic, with fewer screens and steps to operate,  is more intuitive, easy to learn, and has increased user friendliness.

While the App supports all of the estimated 3 Million Android Apps currently globally available through App Stores, ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android was designed specifically to provide Increased Performance, Quality for Video and Audio through Reduced Latency and Increased Bandwidth for Video and Streaming Multi-Media, which comprise 95% of all Internet content.  ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android has now been re-engineered to provide more consistent performance for the myriad of Browser Apps; each with their own variable level of performance when browsing websites.

ADARA has made these and other enhancements in response to End-User feedback. ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android has been re-engineered to provide increased speed, with additional performance increases due for release in coming days.

ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android is one of the ADARA Suite of Performance-Based Apps with multiple additional benefits; in addition to more consistent performance, ADARA Virtual 5G and all ADARA Apps eliminate Geo Location restrictions allowing users to enjoy their favorite Apps regardless of their location; at home or on the road without the need for a separate VPN App.

ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android was designed specifically to provide Increased Performance and Quality for Video and Audio in ways that most benefit users and which users have most requested. ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android prevents issues with Video Conferencing and Video Chat Sessions; the delayed starts, unexpected stops/re-starts, and video session failures that are common to Remote Work and Education Video Conferencing Apps, especially when Mobile have been eliminated with this App. ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android enables more consistent long form video-streaming services which features Movies, TV programs, Sports and other Entertainment content, with smoother playing, scanning without skips, and reliable connections even when bandwidth is variable and unstable.

ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android is available through Google Play as Freemium Software enabling 5G Service on any generation Android phone, with Android 8.0, 8.1, 9, and Android 10, which is the Operating System on the newest generation Android 5G Phones.

ADARA’s Virtual 5G for Android elevates the performance of older generation phones such as 3G and 4G/LTE phones to 5G performance and ADARA Virtual 5G is a new Software which even improves the native Mobile Broadband performance of new 5G phones. ADARA’s Virtual 5G App has Industry Leading Performance in Bandwidth, Speed, Quality and Latency Reduction, with none of the drawbacks of 5G service.

Nationwide rollout of 5G is scarce, with a select few service providers offering 5G at the lower end (600 MHz) of the Mobile Broadband spectrum. Spending to create 5G will reach $2.7 Trillion in 2020; widespread 5G is not projected to appear until 2027. ADARA Virtual 5G is available globally, with ADARA’s Virtual 5G available to 6.5 Billion in 150 countries worldwide, on every continent, on any generation (e.g. 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G) phone, eliminating the wait for 5G service.

5G Networks have limited range; distances of a few feet and simple objects such as doors, trees, glass, can cause signals to drop, making 5G signals available only a small percentage of the time in isolated pockets of the country. ADARA Virtual 5G is always available without limitations.

5G Phones cost as much as $2,000, with monthly costs of about $1,000 over the life of the phone. ADARA Virtual 5G App eliminates the cost of new phones and monthly fees.

5G promises Latency of less than 1 Millisecond to the first network hop, not end-to-end as is often inaccurately stated. ADARA Virtual 5G delivers Latency of less than 1 Millisecond to the first network hop.

5G promises Mobile Broadband Speeds of 50+ Mbps. A recent survey confirmed average 5G speeds in real-world user experience and availability range from 28.2 Mbps to 42.6 Mbps; peak numbers are higher but those peaks have an availability of only .4% and no 5G carrier had availability that exceeded 22%.

ADARA Virtual 5G delivers from 200 to 1,000+ Mbps. These performance increases are important because they enable what consumers want: better Browsing, better Quality Video Streaming, and Video Chat / Conferencing, with fewer stops/starts and no dropped calls with a Freemium App. Most importantly they are 100% available in all situations including Remote Work, Remote Education, Corporate Locales, Stores, and public spaces such as Public Transit, Cars, Planes and recreational locations.

5G stated performance is often misleading; advertised latencies of less than 1 millisecond refer to first network hop connection, not end-to-end latency. 5G speeds are often quoted as a result of PING times which can vary wildly; PING times from the same 5G phone at the same moment can register as low as 20 Mbps to 20 times higher, so PING is interpreted in widely varying ways by Service Providers.

ADARA provides in-App capability to measure speed. ADARA provides PING times, but since PING does not resemble real-world user perceived performance, ADARA also follows Google recommended standards for accurate performance measurement and provides Real-Time Measurements using iPerf; as Google states “we recommend using netperf over ping for latency tests”. Additionally, since TCP makes connections and sends data and PING does not, “we prefer using TCP over ICMP (PING). TCP is a more common use case and thus tends to be more representative of real-world applications.”

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