Ivanti Wavelink Adds Support for iOS-Powered Mobile Devices

Supply chain and warehousing organizations can now rapidly migrate web hosted applications to their end users’ iPhones, iPads or iPods with Ivanti Wavelink Velocity; alliance with Infinite Peripherals provides customers with connectivity to the scanning devices via iPods and iPhones.

Ivanti Wavelink, announced the latest release of Ivanti® Wavelink® Velocity. With this release, the award-winning mobile device application now supports iOS-powered mobile devices including iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Additionally, it supports SAP S/4 HANA and ECC, offering rapid migration to these web-hosted applications.

“For supply chain and warehousing organizations, mobile productivity is key to keeping pace with e-commerce demand and growth,” said Brandon Black, vice president and general manager, Ivanti Wavelink. “As the migration away from traditional Windows OS-based solutions continues, we are seeing a growing number of customers adopt iOS-powered endpoints and peripherals as part of their mobile device strategies.”

Customers leveraging the new Ivanti Wavelink Velocity 2.1.15 to rapidly migrate their mobile applications will benefit from:

  • The ability to run Ivanti Wavelink Velocity on their iOS 11 and greater powered mobile devices. This added flexibility removes barriers by eliminating what can be risky or costly migrations of applications across all modern OS platforms.
  • A consistent application experience that allows the customer to select the best device for each specific use case.

Through its alliance with Infinite Peripherals, a leading expert in reshaping the mobile computing experience for enterprises, this latest version of Ivanti Wavelink Velocity also gives customers high volume, ruggedized scanning capabilities for end users’ web hosted applications. “We are pleased to be teaming with Infinite Peripherals to provide our mutual customers with fully ruggedized and consistent experience, when connecting their peripheral scanning devices using iPods and iPhones enabled by Ivanti Wavelink Velocity,” continued Black.

Jeffrey Scott, CEO, Infinite Peripherals said, “Infinite Peripherals and Ivanti share the same belief in anytime, anywhere mobility. By partnering with Ivanti, we are extending our industry-leading iOS devices and ecosystem to support the growing need for durable, rugged iOS devices in the warehouse retail environment. Together, Ivanti and Infinite Peripherals deliver a plug-and-play iOS enhanced user experience and management for not only the iOS devices but also the peripheral as well.”

Ivanti® Wavelink® Velocity is available now. For more information on Ivanti Wavelink Velocity support for iOS devices, watch the video or, visit www.ivanti.com/wavelink.

Image Licensed by Pixabay.com

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