Apptio Expands Cloud Financial Management Product Suite with Cloudability SaaS and Shift

Apptio, Inc. announced two new products: Cloudability SaaS and Cloudability Shift. These new offerings join Apptio’s leading cloud financial management product, Cloudability, to expand the company’s toolset in the rapidly growing public cloud market.

Cloudability SaaS allows technology and finance leaders to discover, manage, and optimize spending on software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications throughout their organization. Cloudability Shift allows users to analyze, plan, and track their migration from on-premises data centers to the cloud through analysis of current infrastructure, committed costs, and application needs.

“The addition of Cloudability SaaS and Cloudability Shift to our suite of technology financial management offerings ensures that our customers are able to analyze, optimize, and plan investments across the entirety of their technology portfolio, regardless of service type (e.g., infrastructure, platform, or software), provider, delivery model, or deployment destination (e.g., public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises),”said Scott Chancellor, chief product and technology officer at Apptio.

Cloudability SaaS
SaaS adoption is rapidly growing, with many global service decision-makers reporting that they invest or plan to invest in SaaS as part of their organization’s digital transformation strategy, according to Forrester. As a result, SaaS consumption continues to rise significantly for enterprises of various sizes, totaling a global market of $500 billion.

As SaaS deployment continues to grow, one of the challenges many organizations are facing is the lack of central accountability over SaaS licenses, which means that these enterprises may have multiple contracts for the same product or several products that are underutilized, negating the cost benefits of SaaS. With the number of SaaS solutions in the enterprise in the hundreds, this is a concern for those that want to centrally manage, report, and optimize current SaaS applications while also discovering new SaaS applications that their organization may be using.

Cloudability SaaS is designed to discover and report on all SaaS applications, analyze license utilization and spend by application, and rightsize SaaS portfolios to meet changing business needs and avoid potential compliance issues. With this product, organizations can reallocate licenses based on usage, eliminate duplicative applications, and forecast future costs through what-if analysis.

Employing direct API integrations and machine learning, Cloudability SaaS automatically extracts application contract, license and usage details by connecting to single sign-on (SSO) systems to visualize all SaaS investments. Key benefits of the solution include:

  • Portfolio visibility: A purpose-built, consolidated view of spend, adoption, and usage data for all deployed SaaS applications enables faster optimization opportunity identification and waste elimination.
  • Reduce costs: Automated and timely rightsizing recommendations about application licenses based on actual usage data allow for powerful cost optimization.
  • Minimize risks: Extensive what-if planning tools allow IT departments to rapidly adapt to evolving business strategies. Flexible tagging of applications, for example those that have sensitive data stored, helps users mitigate potential compliance and operational risks.


Cloudability Shift
Migrating to the cloud is more complex than just benchmarking on-premise costs against similar-sized cloud servers. Enterprises need to be able to account for committed costs and ongoing projects to make migrations timely and avoid double payment on services. In fact, according to a Gartner report, companies without proper cost optimization governance will overspend on cloud migrations by 70 percent.

The ability to account for associated costs involved in cloud migrations allows Cloudability Shift to give users custom-made migration plans that provide recommendations on what to move (i.e. applications) and when to make the move to ensure the migration is delivering the most value possible. Key benefits of the solution include:

  • True picture of costs: By examining committed costs, users can determine the best time to move different workloads to avoid duplicated costs.
  • Customizability: Users can draw on a range of information sources and integrations with other software to evaluate potential savings and plan their migration on an application-by-application basis.
  • Accountability: Automatic tracking of migration costs against the plan provides a true, ongoing picture of value against planned costs.

Cloudability SaaS is generally available today and Cloudability Shift will be available in early 2021.

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