BMC Customers Achieve Innovation Faster with AI-Generated Automation

BMC announced solutions that help enterprise customers harness AI with the BMC Helix Control-M platform, the Control-M solution, the BMC AMI offerings, and the BMC Helix Operations Management platform to gain deeper insights from their data for faster innovation across complex hybrid IT environments. Additionally, with BMC Helix available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, companies can connect and orchestrate data from mainframe to cloud to improve the customer, partner, and employee experience.

Accelerate Actionable Insights with DataOps
For faster and more accurate business decisions, BMC is introducing new product features that reduce the time between data generation and insights delivery while also ensuring quality, security, and governance in production.

  • The SaaS BMC Helix Control-M and self-hosted Control-M application and data workflow orchestration platforms from BMC feature new cloud and data technology integrations that help customers accelerate data-driven business outcomes. The latest integrations include AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Micro Focus.
  • A new dashboard from BMC AMI zAdviser shows how data scheme changes roll out in delivery for the BMC AMI Change Manager for Db2® solution. Users can now measure the efficacy of integrating database changes into the DevOps process and track the rate of changes in an automated CI/CD pipeline.
  • The BMC AMI Data for Db2® solution now offers optimized performance across mainframe environments to improve application availability response times.

Deeper Observability into Operational Performance with AIOps
New BMC enhancements help ITOps teams monitor and manage applications across complex and hybrid IT environments, and support applications deployed for digital transformation initiatives.

  • Enhanced AIOps capabilities in the BMC Helix Operations Management solution isolate and resolve problems to reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) while helping ITOps teams spot patterns and trends faster.
  • BMC AMI Ops integrates with the BMC Helix platform to simplify troubleshooting and remediation of mainframe infrastructure and applications problems.
  • Enhanced ServiceOps features from the BMC Helix platform improve problem solving and root cause analysis for major incident response.

Expanded Enterprise Service Management Capabilities for Line of Business Support
By consolidating disparate service desk applications, BMC Helix enables teams to better predict and solve problems from a single platform.

  • BMC Helix Customer Service Management gives companies an enterprise-grade, self-service, customer-facing solution by aggregating data from various touch points, including customer status, segmentation, activities, sales history, payment history, customer sentiment, NPS, CSAT, and more, through the BMC Helix platform.
  • BMC Helix Portfolio Management brings end-to-end process management to business portfolios extending the value of the BMC Helix service and operations management platform.
  • BMC Helix Workplace Service Management supports facilities organizations with reactive and preventative maintenance operations as a module in the enterprise BMC Helix platform.

Improve DevOps and the Developer Experience
New capabilities from BMC streamline the DevOps experience, allowing teams to direct efforts that deliver the most impact and increase the delivery of critical applications and services.

  • The new DevOps-focused BMC Helix dashboard uses DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics to visualize how software development performance impacts a service or application.
  • Improved service desk collaboration is now available through pre-defined integration flows with Jira, Azure DevOps, ALM Octane, Jenkins, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
  •  The BMC AMI DevX suite saves developers time for faster and more frequent quality releases for mainframe applications, with impact analysis search for critical dependencies, support for concurrent development pipelines in Visual Studio (VS) Code, and DevX Workbench Code Debug for debug automation for IBM® CICS®.
  • Failures are highlighted by speed MTTR and runaway abend alerts impacting multiple users, so developers can focus their efforts more strategically with the BMC AMI Abend-AID fault resolution and management tool.

Greater Freedom to Innovate within the Orchestration Framework
Additional Control-M platform capabilities advance ITOps’ ability to securely empower developers, engineers, data teams, and business users with more self-service capabilities and an improved user experience within their operational best practices frameworks. User interfaces now include simplified application and in-context menus for different user personas, so that common use cases are implemented more efficiently, and costly service tickets are reduced.

“Rapidly delivering high-quality applications is vital to a company’s competitive positioning and success. Organizations must hone in on the developer experience, enabling developers to work the way they want and with everything they need at their fingertips, as a positive experience is correlated with accelerated developer velocity and high-quality work,” said Katie Norton, senior research analyst, DevOps, at IDC.

To learn more about BMC and new product innovations visit the website HERE.

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