Compeer Financial Delivers Superior User Experience with Citrix®

Our lives are driven by technology and we expect it to be always on and perform flawlessly – especially at work. It’s a tall order, but one that just got easier to deliver at Compeer Financial, thanks to Citrix Systems, Inc. Leveraging Citrix Analytics for Performance™, the Farm Credit cooperative is able to proactively identify performance issues and quickly resolve them before they slow employees down.

“Diagnosing technology issues is always a challenge as it requires determining whether they are related to corporate infrastructure, employee factors such as their choice of device or ISP, or something else beyond our control,” said Scott Ament, Director Technical Operations, Compeer. “With Citrix Analytics for Performance, our service desk teams can solve issues faster than ever before – sometimes even ahead of when a user calls in for support. “

A next-generation service that goes beyond monitoring server-side infrastructure, Citrix Analytics for Performance enables IT administrators to identify performance issues at the individual user level and proactively address them to deliver a superior experience that engages employees and keeps them happy and productive.

Using a proprietary machine learning engine that integrates real-time telemetry from Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops™, the solution quantifies a user’s experience into a unique “UX Score,” taking into account not just machine performance, but items that impact application access such as user logon time, network latency and even network stability. Using this score, IT administrators can:

  • Quickly uncover performance degradation and identify root causes
  • Reduce help desk calls related to application performance issues
  • Easily identify groups of users or specific business locations experiencing poor performance
  • Track performance trends and user experience anomalies
  • Effectively scale environments based on actual usage and load
  • Holistically assess and report on system performance and user experience

And the Compeer service desk teams are using it to do just this.

“Our service desk teams have become much more proactive,” Ament said. “Ahead of a service call, they can identify if a user seems to be having a poor experience and take action to fix it.  We have reduced escalations and alleviated the delays that sometimes occur in seeking further assistance, as a result, and that has helped us deliver a better team member experience.”

And the single pane of glass that Citrix Analytics for Performance provides has been key to delivering these results.

“Our service desk reps can verify when other vendors and partners implement a fix and see the results in the Citrix Analytics for Performance graphs and views,” Ament said. “Having all the data and insights consolidated in one place has been very helpful, as our teams no longer have to look at data in several tools and can act more quickly.”

Compeer joins more than 400,000 organizations around the world who are using Citrix digital workspace solutions to power a better way to work. Click here to learn more about these offerings and the value they can deliver.

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