Cyber Verify Rating “Elite AA Risk” Awarded to Whitehat Virtual

Whitehat Virtual announced that it has received the MSPAlliance Cyber Verify Risk Assurance Rating for Managed Services and Cloud Providers. Cyber Verify is designed to provide consumers greater transparency and assurance when it comes to the cyber security practices of those providers. Whitehat Virtual is a nationally ranked top 100 technology services provider specializing in “work from anywhere” IT.

Cyber Verify Rating is based on the Unified Certification Standard (UCS) for Cloud and Managed Service Providers and governed by the International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers.

“Today, more than ever, the consumer needs assurance when it comes to matters of cyber security and IT risk. We are honored to award Whitehat Virtual with the ‘AA’ rated Cyber Verify seal and congratulate them on their exemplary display of dedication towards providing one of the highest levels of assurance possible to the consumer,” said Celia Weaver, President of MSPAlliance. “Today, less than 5% of the global MSP community has achieved an AA Cyber Verify rating, placing Whitehat Virtual in an elite group of managed service and cloud providers world-wide.”

Cyber Verify Rating System

The Cyber Verify rating evaluates many different aspects of a company’s service delivery, paying particular attention to security. Cyber Verify evaluates internal service delivery security practices, business continuity of the provider, cyber insurance usage, and many other characteristics which are important in the evaluation process of customers seeking out professional and secure providers.

Cyber Verify applies the following rating system:

●    AAA – evaluates the provider’s cyber security practices on a 3-12 month period of review
●    AA – evaluates the provider’s cyber security practices on a particular day
●    A – evaluates the provider’s cyber security practices based on a thorough and in-depth self-attestation examination.

Cyber Verify must be renewed annually. The Cyber Verify is a first in the industry and specifically designed for outsourced service providers and the customers they service.

“Whitehat Virtual is honored to receive the Cyber Verify AA seal of approval from MSPAlliance. We want our customers to know and trust that we will provide the best services we can for them,” said Val King, President and CEO, Whitehat Virtual. “Being recognized with this rating showcases just that and helps consumers know that they are placing their security and compliance management needs in very capable hands.”

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