Digital Transformation Accelerated with Splunk Observability

Splunk Inc., a data platform leader announced the latest enhancements to the Splunk observability portfolio including advanced product innovations for Splunk Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Splunk Real User Monitoring (RUM), Splunk Synthetic Monitoring, Splunk Log Observer, Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk IT Service Intelligence. With these expanded observability capabilities, Splunk customers gain increased visibility across all environments, significantly accelerating performance, productivity and innovation, all the while propelling their data-driven transformations forward.

In today’s hyper-digital world, IT and DevOps teams are feeling pressure from all sides of the business to innovate faster, keep services reliable and deliver exceptional customer experiences. This strain is only intensified by the continued adoption of cloud-native technologies and the increasingly complex infrastructure and applications that accompany them. The Splunk observability portfolio provides customers with a unified solution that offers full-stack, service-centric, AI-powered observability and complete control of their data — metrics, traces and logs — from the front-end device to the back-end application service, all in real-time and at scale. With Splunk’s observability capabilities, customers gain increased visibility and actionable insights across the complete user experience, enabling them with faster time-to-value to drive business outcomes.

“Observability at its core is a data opportunity, and to use that data effectively organizations need a solution that can help ingest and analyze high-velocity data across increasingly dynamic environments and architectures,” said Spiros Xanthos, VP of Product Management, Observability and IT Operations, Splunk. “Our advanced observability capabilities bring monitoring into the modern era, empowering IT and DevOps teams to find, fix and prevent issues at any stage of their digital transformation journeys so they can deliver optimal user experiences.”

Roadside assistance company Agero is just one example of a customer leveraging Splunk’s observability capabilities to accelerate digitization across its business and drive customer value.

“In an industry where phone calls are the standard, Splunk’s observability solutions have helped us upend this by enabling us to deliver an entirely digital, agentless experience to consumers in need of roadside assistance,” said Billy Macdonald, Senior Director, DevOps, Agero. “By leveraging Splunk’s observability capabilities across our cloud environment and infrastructure, our site reliability engineers and developers gain end-to-end visibility to monitor, track and troubleshoot issues before they impact our customers, ultimately delivering a better customer experience.”

Splunk Expands Breadth and Depth of Industry-Leading Observability

Splunk has increased the breadth and depth of its industry-leading observability portfolio, enabling customers with the most comprehensive view of their services, infrastructure, applications and users. To enhance the reliability and performance of customers’ existing monolithic applications, Splunk unveiled the new AlwaysOn Profiling for Splunk APM, currently in preview. Splunk AlwaysOn Profiling extends existing full-fidelity tracing to provide customers with continuous code-level visibility and analysis so they can find and fix service bottlenecks, along with identifying resource optimization and cloud cost savings opportunities. Splunk is also previewing enhanced Database Visibility for Splunk APM, which automatically uncovers slow queries that are causing transaction latency, without having to instrument their databases. With these innovations, Splunk APM customers can now monitor and troubleshoot application performance issues up to 80% faster, accelerating code deployments and reducing service interruptions before they impact the end user.

With the general availability of Splunk RUM for Mobile Applications based on OpenTelemetry standards, customers gain comprehensive performance monitoring and directed troubleshooting for native and hybrid mobile applications on iOS and Android. Splunk is also providing on-call site reliability engineers and developers with the flexibility to be responsive and productive, no matter where they are in the world, with the general availability of Splunk Observability Cloud for Mobile. Splunk Observability Cloud for Mobile allows teams to quickly view, respond to and triage incidents right from their mobile devices.

Splunk Accelerates Time-To-Value for Customers with Out-of-the-Box Capabilities and Integrations

Splunk is making it easier to get started with observability. With the new integration between Splunk Log Observer and Splunk Enterprise, currently in preview, existing Splunk customers can leverage Splunk’s intuitive observability interface to explore and troubleshoot any logs in the Splunk platform. This helps customers centralize their log data in Splunk Enterprise, as well as correlate metric and trace data in observability with those logs.

Splunk is also ramping up customers’ ability to turn data into insight, fast. With new out-of-the-box dashboards and detectors, Splunk customers gain instant value and reduce any heavy lifting with initial setup. The new Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring AutoDetect, currently in preview, simplifies onboarding and accelerates time-to-value by automatically discovering infrastructure anomalies and intuitively incorporating alert status into dashboards. Additionally, the Splunk App for Content Packs act as a one-stop shop for prepackaged content, out-of-the-box searches and dashboards for common IT infrastructure apps and services — including new Content Packs for managing Microsoft365, Third-party APM tools and Synthetic Monitoring.

“With Splunk as a key partner, our global clients are accelerating their cloud transformations at record pace, driving business agility and improved operational efficiency across their organizations,” said Ankur Jalpota, AIOps Global Presales & Practice Head, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Wipro. “With Splunk’s observability portfolio, we’re helping our customers navigate the operational challenges that come with managing complex hybrid and multicloud environments. Splunk’s comprehensive observability solutions enable us to simplify application resource management, improve infrastructure utilization and optimize public cloud costs, ultimately providing our customers with increased time-to-value and better end experiences.”

For more information on Splunk’s observability solutions, visit the Splunk website.

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