Domo Cloud Amplifier Boosts Robust Enhancements

At the AI + Data Conference, Domopalooza, Domo unveiled updates to Cloud Amplifier, its multi-cloud data solution. These enhancements provide users with powerful and flexible tools to seamlessly integrate with multiple cloud data platforms. Users can now access actionable AI-driven insights while ensuring the security and governance standards required by organizations. The announcement also introduces Domo’s Magic ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution, which enables efficient querying and transformation of data directly from its storage location, leveraging compute power from third-party clouds.

Through extensive integrations with some of the world’s leading cloud platforms, Domo Cloud Amplifier provides native, single and bi-directional data access with:

  • Snowflake: Read & Write Generally Available (GA); Magic ETL (Beta); OAuth (Beta)
  • Google BigQuery: Read, Write and OAuth (GA)
  • Databricks: Read (GA)Dremio: Read (GA); Write (Beta)
  • Amazon Redshift: Read (GA)
  • With Read Beta’s coming soon for Azure SQL, MySQL and Amazon Athena

“We’ve always been a platform that unlocks new ways to get value from data and these offerings expand Domo’s ease of use to new corners of the data environment,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer and EVP of product, Domo. “Millions of users across these cloud platforms no longer need to pull data out of their native systems to transform, clean and derive value from their data. Domo simplifies and streamlines this process so people can start taking action and make an impact on the business.”

As part of its effort to make data more efficient, Domo introduced new functionality to customize Cloud Amplifier settings so that users can easily control their data refresh rate in Domo. Given that cloud costs are a key consideration for any modern business, these new Cloud Amplifier settings allow you to control how often Domo communicates with your data cloud, ensuring data meets the needs of the user or organization but is managed in an efficient way to avoid unnecessary costs.

“Cloud Amplifier makes it easy to access even the largest BigQuery data sources we need, and the added governance provides peace of mind that our data is safely shared internally or even securely published externally via Domo Everywhere,” said Chris Haleua, VP of Product at GUIDEcx. “Our employees and customers have both been able to access data at speeds that increase productivity when compiling embedded analytics used to be the thing that slowed us down. The ability to eliminate additional steps by transforming data right within our cloud platforms will save a ton of time for GUIDEcx decision makers. I love it even more when I see Cloud Amplifier eliminating headaches for our customers, too.”

“In our most recent Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (BI) Market Study, our survey respondents noted that reliability, access and availability, scalability and ease of use are the perceived most important advantages of cloud. The flexibility and scalability offered by cloud BI solutions can be highly beneficial for businesses looking to adapt quickly to changing market conditions or to scale their operations without significant upfront investments in infrastructure,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services.

For more information on Domo Cloud Amplifier, visit the website here.

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