Fremont Economic Development Corporation TechSTART New Partners for 2021

Fremont Economic Development Corporation, a 501c6 private not-for-profit focused on economic development in Fremont County and the Upper Arkansas region of Colorado, announced an expanded lineup of sponsors for its 2021 partner program. Through its award-winning TechSTART program, FEDC focuses on innovation sector business incubation and rural workforce development.

With the recent addition of CameyoIGEL, and Pax8, sponsors include: PolicyPak SoftwareBEACONGreater Colorado Venture FundVMBlog, and Login VSI— as well as support from numerous philanthropic and community foundations. Through monetary and in-kind contributions, TechSTART facilitates intern and apprenticeship programs in tech-related professions. These opportunities provide students with hands-on work experience, which will play a significant role in determining their future occupations and create the foundation for successful rural business expansion.

“Over the last year we’ve been able to expand internship programs with our local high schools and have direct impact on the creation of over 50 new local jobs,” said Brad Rowland, TechSTART program manager. “By making meaningful investments in workforce development and empowering homegrown talent, we’re helping to grow our local businesses and attract new business opportunities from the I25 corridor. The success of TechSTART could not be possible without our sponsors.”

Partner Quotes

“Entrepreneurial empowerment is the key to developing underserved markets, fueling growth and helping to rebuilding regional economies. We’re proud to support programs that will activate and provide opportunity to the 20% of our workforce living in rural communities across the country.” Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL Technology

“Our mission is to build an inclusive culture that encourages and celebrates diversity and inspires positive change and achievement in our people and communities. Working with FEDC, we’ve already started employing talent within Colorado’s rural areas and plan to place Pax8 employees within rural communities, providing mentorship for community educational programs. Supporting collaborative economic development programs across the state is key to helping us achieve our goal of empowering underserved communities as well as fostering the successful growth of Pax8 over the next decade.”

Cleve Lewis, Vice President, Empowerment Programs, Pax8

“Cameyo was built as a highly distributed global team, with many of our employees living outside major urban areas. Supporting programs like FEDCs and collaborating with regional workforce development partners will create a new pipeline of rural economic opportunities, and most importantly, provide the future resources needed to grow our tech driven economy.

Robb Henshaw, CMO and co-founder, Cameyo

“Greater Colorado Venture Fund (GCVF) is proud to support the efforts of TechSTART. Their grassroots approach to company building and community building already stands out. Fremont County and the Upper Arkansas volunteers are writing a playbook for communities across the country, and GCVF looks forward to collaborating with them through the journey.”

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