Google Compatible Classroom Solutions Offered by LG at ISTELIVE 24

LG Business Solutions USA is assisting educators and administrators in quickly incorporating high-engagement learning tools into Google-based classrooms. The new LG CreateBoard, showcased at the ISTELive 24 ed-tech conference, offers Google compatible innovations aimed at providing powerful interactive opportunities and seamless integration with Google’s app suite.

According to Victoria Sanville, education director at LG Business Solutions USA, the Google compatible solutions empower schools to maximize the utility of Google’s leading cloud education platform and engage students with interactive lessons seamlessly.

“The best kind of technology is one that’s so intuitive that it’s easy to use the first time and so powerful and functional that it offers improved results for users – and that’s exactly what our new Google Compatible classroom solutions do,” Sanville said. “The LG CreateBoard line has already helped educators across the U.S. incorporate dynamic lesson plans and utilize digital resources, and adding Google Compatibility not only increases the options and power of the device, it also makes it the optimal choice for districts or schools that use Google Classroom apps.”

The new LG CreateBoard TR3DK Gen 2 with Google Play comes with the Google Play store pre-installed, making it easy to access a large variety of verified third-party apps curated by Google. It is an ideal choice for organizations already using Google education services, and it is authorized by Google to distribute Google Mobile Services and features Google Play Protect Service to constantly monitor for any suspicious behavior. This new LG CreateBoard model is powered by Android 13 (pre-installed), which lets users customize their apps by color, theme and language.

The ChromeOS Flex-certified slot-in Open Pluggable Spec (OPS) (model OPS-C001) expands educators’ options by enabling full use of the ChromeOS Flex operating system on new and existing LG CreateBoards. For ultimate flexibility, LG installers slot in the operating system during the installation process on behalf of the customer to provide a familiar and powerful user experience similar to a Chromebook.

Adding ChromeOS Flex compatibility to the LG CreateBoard turns the display into a Single Sign-On (SSO) device through which teachers and students can sign in to their Google Account and automatically be connected to services such as Google Classroom, Google Workspace apps including Google Meet, and other learning management services without requiring additional logins. It’s an ideal solution for classrooms or schools standardized on the Google ecosystem or using Chromebooks for students, offering the benefits of the full Chrome browser including extensions and Google Admin Console.

Sanville explained that the award-winning LG CreateBoard line provides schools, educators and students with a powerful multi-touch interactive digital board that helps increase engagement, offers special features like multi-device casting, live annotations and recordings, and it offers QR-code based login to enable fast, reliable user experiences even in rooms used by various instructors throughout the day.

LG’s ISTELive 24 booth offers visitors additional opportunities to sample and learn about LG Chromebooks and All-in-One Chrome Flex Cloud Devices that each offer Google compatibility, as well as a 136-inch All-in-One DVLED (direct-view light emitting diode) display, a four-panel videowall, an LG Touch Kiosk with Kokomo 24/7 Visitor Management Software, an LG One: Quick Flex display with Kokomo 24/7 Telehealth Software and LG ProBeam laser projectors.

LG’s experts are on hand in the booth to explain the benefits of LG ConnectedCare DMS, a cloud solution for remotely monitoring, controlling, and managing the status of LG CreateBoard and TV signage devices installed in educational environments.

Demonstrated for the first time at ISTELive 24 is LG’s new value-packed smart TV display solution developed specifically for education environments: the UM340E Series of 4K Ultra HD connected displays available in 65-, 55- and 50-inch diagonal screen sizes. Content such as emergency alerts, images, videos, audio messages, and live streaming can also be shared from the primary system to UM340E commercial displays, and IT managers can remotely install and update the apps on selected devices, which helps lessen the need for on-site response.

“The newest wave of LG education technologies offer increased flexibility and advanced capabilities to meet the broad range of student and faculty needs in increasingly diverse learning environments,” Sanville added.

Teachers who use LG products can also learn about the LG Educators Program at the show. This program allows educators who are passionate about ed-tech to showcase their experiences and expertise through LG’s social media channels, helping innovative ideas and new technology opportunities reach a much wider audience. As a special bonus, LG experts are on site at LG’s booth to showcase CreateBoard Demos with AI for existing LG Educators. Interested parties can easily sign up for the LG Educator program at the booth through a convenient QR code.

For more information about LG’s educational initiatives, Google compatible classroom solutions and presence at ISTELive 24, click here.

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