Honeywell Teams with IGEL to Deploy Advanced Virtualization and Process Automation

Honeywell announced it will work with IGEL to deploy solutions for Experion® Process Knowledge System (PKS) users through the IGEL Ready Program. The Linux-based solution, Honeywell’s Universal Thin Client Operating System, will allow Experion PKS users to access an ecosystem of cutting-edge hardware and software, delivering a powerful, productive and secure end-user experience with advanced virtualization and process automation.

As industrial organizations look for more efficient ways to approach control system engineering, the need for a solution that can be adopted incrementally and used interchangeably with existing systems and infrastructure is of paramount importance. The Universal Thin Client Operating System will allow Experion PKS users to securely deploy a purpose-built thin client operating system with a rich management experience, while providing endpoint devices the peripheral and connectivity features needed for Experion PKS.

“Leveraging the IGEL Ready program, this collaboration will further advance Honeywell’s position as an industry leader in process control virtualization. IGEL’s edge operating system provides a secure, Linux-based thin client platform for Experion PKS while providing rich remote management capabilities that improve the lifecycle experience,” said Joe Bastone, Director, Experion Offering Management.

“By teaming together, Honeywell and IGEL are better able to deliver world-class solutions that meet our mutual customers’ requirements, as the IGEL Ready program was designed to foster collaboration and joint-solution development,” said Divya Saggar, Director, IGEL Ready.

The solution provides a secure experience for end-users using virtualization while significantly reducing the challenges traditionally associated with deploying thin client technology. The Universal Thin Client Operating System also allows for much stronger administration and management capabilities, which in turn allows users to save time and labor costs associated with maintaining their control systems.

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