IGEL and Liquidware Partner to Repurpose Desktop Computers with IGEL OS


Free Assessment Program Powered by Liquidware Stratusphere UX

 Liquidware and IGEL announced a new partnership to deliver a free assessment program for enterprises looking to repurpose desktop computers with IGEL OS.

“This initiative from IGEL and Liquidware will help enterprises enhance work-from-anywhere solutions for their workers,” stated Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at ESG. “Our recent Digital Workspace Trends research highlights the preference and accelerated adoption of hosted desktops. So, the ability to turn compatible x86-64 devices into IGEL OS-powered endpoints will help deliver cost savings, increased time to value and an optimal user experience.”

With the global chip shortage, many organizations are looking at cost-effective methods of utilizing current hardware. Stratusphere™ UX, which accomplishes the assessment, is even more useful in providing ongoing end-to-end user experience metrics that provide enterprises unparalleled endpoint-to-datacenter visibility.

The assessment helps organizations understand how they can maximize both user productivity and ROI by choosing IGEL OS for their x86-64 devices. Working with IGEL’s TCO calculator and the information provided in the FREE assessment, they will have all the data needed to make highly informed decisions about a PC/laptop/MacBook /thin client repurposing project.

The assessment process is simple with Stratusphere UX. As the assessment data is unique to each organization, it really speeds the progress of planning and IGEL OS deployment. The following are the key steps involved:

  1. A self-dissolving agent is installed and runs in the background on your proposed PCs for repurposing for about a week.
  2. Real-world usage data and hardware specs are securely sent to the Stratusphere UX reporting virtual server, which can be located in the cloud or at your location.
  3. Liquidware and IGEL teams meet with you to review the real-world findings to provide clarity to your project and help provide you with proof-of-value that IGEL is the clear endpoint OS choice.
  4. This insight determines which x86-64 devices can be repurposed into an IGEL OS-powered endpoint. By extending the life of existing hardware assets, organizations can eliminate the disruption and cost of investing in new endpoint hardware.

Stratusphere UX is primarily designed to provide ongoing user experience metrics including detailed information about endpoint devices such as those powered by IGEL OS. Joint customers can take advantage of the fact that a Stratusphere UX agent has been built into the IGEL OS firmware to easily monitor their environment.

“We already have many joint customers that have benefited from doing a quick assessment for IGEL OS and also benefit from the ongoing user experience monitoring of their IGEL OS endpoints,” commented Jason E. Smith, VP of Alliances and Product Marketing, Liquidware. “With this new offering of a free assessment to determine ideal x86-64 hardware candidates to be repurposed as an IGEL OS-powered endpoint, we enable organizations to save a large chunk of their IT budget.”

“Our partnership with Liquidware is all about improving the endpoint computing experience,” said Divya Saggar, Director, IGEL Ready. “By working closely with their team to develop the custom monitoring agent for IGEL OS, Stratusphere UX, as well as the new free assessment program for IGEL endpoints, we are able to gather key experience metrics that then enable us to improve end-user satisfaction, while at the same time driving productivity and increasing security in today’s work-from-anywhere environments.”

IGEL and Liquidware will hold a customer-facing webinar on Thursday, November 18 at 10:00 am (PT) to discuss the full parameters of this joint initiative. Register for the webinar here. A joint solution brief detailing the free assessment program can be downloaded here.

Liquidware is a member of the IGEL Ready Showcase, an ecosystem of cutting-edge hardware, software and peripheral solutions that have been verified for use with IGEL OS to deliver a powerful, productive, and secure user experience. To view the Liquidware IGEL Ready profile, click here. To explore the IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions, visit igel.com/ready.

Image licensed by: Pixabay.com

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