IGEL Ready Developer Program and Toolkit Announced

IGEL, introduced during IGEL DISRUPT 24, unveiled a new initiative for app developers alongside a software development toolkit (SDK), aiming to facilitate the rapid delivery of innovative solutions for IGEL clients and their supportive network. Applications stemming from the developer program’s vendor members utilizing this new SDK will be integrated into the expanding IGEL App Portal. Presently hosting 50 validated apps tailored for employment in IGEL-powered environments, this portal ensures customers benefit from agile updates and enhanced functionalities.

“Launched just last year, the IGEL App Portal has quickly become a trusted resource for validated applications across the IGEL Ready technology partner community,” said Divya Saggar, Director, IGEL Ready, IGEL. “With its active adoption has come the need for a structured and proven development methodology to accelerate app development and validation. IGEL has met this need with a comprehensive new IGEL Ready Developer Program and SDK which facilitates the swift development of apps for IGEL endpoints at scale.”

The newly introduced IGEL Ready Developer Program enables independent software vendor members of the IGEL Ready partner program to package, publish and promote their IGEL app seamlessly. By building their app and listing it on the IGEL App Portal, they not only gain visibility to thousands of customers and channel partners but also provide an easy means for customers to directly deploy the app in their IGEL environment.

Program members receive access to the new IGEL SDK and IGEL technical resources which provides app developers with new tools and blueprints to create apps for IGEL-powered enterprises faster and with greater scale and precision. IGEL Ready program members participating in the IGEL Ready Software Developer Program gain access to a dedicated portal of programmatic tools designed to enhance the delivery of new valuable apps for IGEL users with seamless convenience. In addition, this opens up multiple avenues for partners to run additional co-marketing efforts and programs with IGEL.

“As a longstanding IGEL Ready partner, Liquidware was the first to deliver digital employee experience (DEX) via the IGEL App Portal and has been impressed with the resulting customer and partner engagement we have received by being part of this dynamic end user computing app marketplace,” said David Bieneman, CEO, Liquidware. “We strongly support the IGEL Ready community IGEL has built and commend the work they have put into the new IGEL Ready Developer Program and SKD which further enables vendor solutions across the industry to simplify customer adoption for faster time to value.”

“As a new IGEL Ready partner developing an app to integrate the Island Enterprise Browser into IGEL OS, we were impressed with the level of resources and support we received from the new IGEL Ready Developer program. We are excited to work with the IGEL team for a stronger collaboration, “said Richard Greene, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Island.

The IGEL App Portal is a key cloud service app delivery platform for IGEL-powered enterprises. A feature-rich experience for users, it reduces the app qualification, implementation and update process for IT organizations.

Established in 2020, IGEL Ready is a growing ecosystem of more than 100 technology partners providing hardware, software, and peripheral solutions that have been verified for use with IGEL OS to deliver a powerful, productive, and secure user experience for digital workspaces within modern workplace environments. In an era where customers and their employees require reliable, frictionless access to tools, applications, and services, IGEL Ready helps ensure product compatibility and productivity to support business continuity and growth. The IGEL Ready program ensures that partner applications are validated and shared, and that their customers have access to updated and secure software.

Learn more about the new IGEL Ready Developer Program and SDK at the website here. The developer program was announced from IGEL DISRUPT 24 which is sponsored by Microsoft, HP, LG Business Solutions, Lenovo, Citrix and the EUC Division of Broadcom as well as dozens of other IGEL Ready partners. For more information, visit the website.

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