Infortrend Upgraded Software to Optimize SSD Lifespan

Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495) has upgraded software for its storage products to prevent simultaneous failure of multiple SSDs, eliminate risks of data loss, and extend SSD lifespan.

More and more enterprises are looking to SSD for increasing datacenter performance as SSDs make data access almost instantaneous. HDD, on the other hand, is a considerably less expensive technology providing massive capacity for Big Data. When it comes to prolonging service lifetime of storage, there are different approaches to HDDs and SSDs. HDDs are more sensitive to physical conditions, such as external temperature, powering, proper ejection, etc. SSD lifespan is more predictable and depends on Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD), measuring how many times a user can rewrite an entire SSD every day throughout its warrantied lifetime. While predictability is in a sense convenient, but it also creates a possibility of simultaneous failure of multiple SSDs, imposing a higher risk of data loss.

To ensure well data protection, Infortrend’s upgraded software that prevents SSDs from failing at the same time. Infortrend RAID algorithm “unbalances” write data between SSDs, so that SSDs have different write times, and, therefore, different lifespan left. Moreover, with “UNMAP” command supported, unused free space can be reclaimed from the storage, which improves wear-leveling to sustain long-term SSD endurance and performance. Finally, SSD lifespan monitoring function alerts users when SSD lifespan is about to end and allows timely SSD replacement.

“We upgraded software for our storage products for preventing occurrence of multiple SSD failure and optimizing SSD lifespan. Enterprises can rely completely on Infortrend storage and be sure in integrity of their valuable data,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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