Lightbits Cloud Data Platform Can Lower TCO of Data Storage

Lightbits® announced its TCO Calculator and Configurator tools. Developed in collaboration with Intel, these freely available online tools provide Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Financial Services, and Telco organizations with an intuitive way of determining the value of the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform.

Architected for enterprise IT organizations and CSPs supporting modern applications that are challenged with the same business problems–how to maximize profitability by extracting the full value of their data while providing services that are secure, fast, highly available, and resilient. Lightbits Cloud Data Platform is the only software-defined, disaggregated storage solution available that uniquely combines NVMe/TCP, with built-in Intelligent Flash Management and rich data services which can increase flash endurance by 20X. When combined with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built in AI accelerators, Intel Optane Persistent memory (PMem) and 100Gb Intel Ethernet 800 Series Network Adapters, the solution offers the ultimate in performance, resilience, and scalability for customers while lowering cost.

The TCO Calculator provides price and performance comparisons of the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform against other direct-attached storage, HCI and software-defined storage solutions. It encompasses the full TCO environment of software, hardware, support, power, cooling, space, and administration time. The tool highlights the TCO savings that can be derived from using the Lightbits software with Intel hardware. Users can download the results.

For its part, the Configurator is a user-friendly tool that enables technical specialists to better determine how to optimize the configuration of a Lightbits Cloud Data Platform. The Configurator supports several OEM vendors, including Dell, Intel, Fujitsu, HPE, Lenovo, and Supermicro.

It also calculates the full Bill of Materials required for the installation. The Configurator highlights the performance and raw, usable, and effective capacities of the SSDs and nodes in the environment. Users can download the results or have them emailed as a PDF document.

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