Lumen Edge Gateway to Deliver IT Applications and Virtualized Services

Today’s businesses require fast provisioning of services across distributed computing architecture to keep up with the pace of change. Lumen Technologies has introduced Lumen Edge Gateway to empower enterprises to deploy a range of virtualized services in hours, without having to continually replace onsite equipment.
  • Lumen Edge Gateway is a compute platform for the delivery of virtualized wide area networking (WAN), security, and IT applications from multiple vendors on the premises edge.
  • Enables enterprises to deploy and evolve application, network, and security services without hardware changes.
  • Designed for medium to large enterprises and available worldwide.

“Businesses need an on-premises compute platform integrated with dynamic networking to support SD-WAN, crucial security needs and IT applications. This keeps them competitive and innovative, and ready to host emerging applications on the horizon,” said Chris McReynolds, vice president of cloud edge product management for Lumen. “With Lumen Edge Gateway, enterprises can consolidate existing applications to run more efficiently on-premises. And they can change networking and security vendors without changing equipment.  Lumen orchestration capabilities across public clouds and the Lumen edge compute platform give businesses the power to innovate and deploy applications to the best execution venue with flexibility and consistency.”

Part of the Lumen edge computing solutions portfolio, Lumen Edge Gateway is a scalable Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) platform for the premises. Lumen Edge Gateway delivers the networking and compute resources needed to boost business agility by enabling on demand application deployment. This helps businesses:

  • Utilize a single platform for multiple virtualized services and support for multiple vendors
  • Support network, security, and IT workloads
  • Improve flexibility with self-managed and Lumen managed capabilities
  • Reduce network complexity, improving the ability to innovate
  • Reduce hardware and operational costs
  • Deliver comprehensive customer solutions using the Lumen portfolio of network, edge, security, and collaboration offerings

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